Mario 64 Running At 60FPS As Homebrew Devlopers Push The N64 To The Limit

Homebrew developers are harnessing the untapped power of the N64 with clever coders pushing the console to new limits.

Increased frame rates, improved textures, better resolutions and even new game modes are becoming feasible in classics such as Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros.

One of the homebrew developers working on the N64 is Kaze Emanuar. Emanuar is an experienced programmer who has worked with Nintendo’s first 3D console for over four years and is finding new way to circumvent the limitations of the system.

Where software emulation and and PC ports can easily overcome the restrictions of Nintendo’s 1996, Kaze Emanuar and other homebrew developers are creating magic on original N64 consoles.

Emanuar’s current project is new version of Mario 64 with impressive visuals on par with early GameCube titles, including a drastically overhauled game engine and a frame rate that can hit 60FPS.

Homebrew Heaven


Homebrew developers are now unlocking the headroom of the N64 and are optimising games for the original hardware to preserve nostalgia.

Harnessing the additional power of the N64 is particularly pertinent to games that released alongside the console or early in the hardware’s lifespan.

Games that released later, such as Banjo-Kazooie or The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, took advantage of the lessons learned from prior N64 software development.

Without the time pressure to release software alongside a new console, the N64’s homebrew developers can finally unlock the potential to run these classic titles better than ever on native hardware.

Limited cache space resulted in blurry textures within Mario 64 and other launch titles. While Emanuar cites the blurry textures are instrumental to the typical N64 art style along with low polygon models and simple lighting effects, enhancing these titles is still a compelling endeavour.

Their latest video goes into detail of how textures can be utilised in such a way that reduce the rendering cost to the N64 and produce greater texture quality throughout Mario’s beloved adventure.

Kaze Emanuar is one of the few N64 homebrew developers to release their work to the public, with their previous effort, a Mario 64 ROM hack called ‘Peach’s Fury’, available to download. Here’s hoping it won’t be too long before players can experience Emanuar’s optimised take on Mario 64 on their own retro consoles.

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