Minecraft Demakes Are Coming For The Dreamcast & GameCube

Credit: A Flock Of Meese

Don’t bother rubbing your eyes or calling my mother to see if I’ve got a screw loose because that title is 100% correct. It shouldn’t surprise you by now; we’ve covered so many demakes and adaptations of games for older consoles here on Retro Dodo like the attempt to bring Super Mario 64 to the GBA, or even the Palworld Nintendo DS remake (which coincidentally is the only time we’re going to see the Pokémon rip off on a Nintendo console). And now, we’ve got two unofficial ports coming our way thanks to a clever modder who’s hoping to create two absolute blockbusters.

Thanks to the team over Time Extension, we discovered that Twitter user A Flock of Meese (which I’m just going to assume is in relation to ‘No cheeses for us meeses’ on Muppet’s Christmas Carol, because that film is the instruction booklet for life), is working on a GameCube and Dreamcast version of the game with stills of how it’s going so far. Here’s the Dreamcast version below too, this time with playable footage.

Releasing in 2011, Minecraft is the most successful video game of all time with over 300 million sales on multiple consoles. Of course, as the Sega Dreamcast and GameCube came out in 1998 and 2001 respectively, there’s no conceivable reason why they should have ever had the game on them, which makes A Flock Of Meese’s work even more awesome.

Of course, I should point out that these Minecraft demakes have nothing to do with Microsoft or Mojang Studios, but a quick Google of Minecraft ports brings up tonnes of similar demake projects for previous consoles, so I don’t think they’ll mind too much about these two new creations. One of our other favourites has always been MineMine from 64 bits, a Minecraft variation on DigDug with some serious detail in it.

Of course, the whole ethos of Minecraft is for players to use their imagination and to get creative, and the fact that it’s inspiring modders to make different versions of the game for older consoles just shows how successful it has been in opening up our minds to infinite possibilities. I’m looking forward to following A Flock Of Meese’s progress on these mods, and you can too by following them on their Twitter channel (or X if you’re ‘with the times’)!

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