Mickey Mouse Is Heading To Mobile In A New 8-bit Adventure

Disney Pixel RPG gameplay

We’ve been seeing a lot of our favourite gaming characters heading to mobile with the arrival of emulators on iPhone, but there’s a famous character that you might know of who’s actually getting his own bona fide mobile game in glorious 8-bit without the need to use emulators whatsoever. Following on from the retro titles on Sega’s iconic consoles like the Master System and Game Gear, Mickey Mouse is heading to your phones with an all-star cast of friends in an RPG that Paper Mario fans will love.

The game is called Disney Pixel RPG and will drop in Japan on both Android and iOS this September. It’s not known when it will arrive in Europe or the US yet, but a release is happening for gamers in the rest of the world, so we’ll get to play it at some stage.

Characters in Disney Pixel RPG
Join Pooh Bear, Stitch, Ariel, Mickey, and more in a magical RPG adventure!

The story of Disney Pixel RPG is one that instantly enchants; ‘The game worlds that these Disney characters call home have suddenly been invaded by strange programs, and starting to break down! These previously isolated game worlds have merged, throwing all the characters into confusion! Take on the role of a player of these games and join Disney characters as you embark on an epic quest across multiple game worlds to restore order!’

Shots from the new Disney Pixel mobile game

From looking at the pictures on the official website, we can safely say that this is going to be a colourful, exciting adventure that harnesses the same vibes as Castle of Illusion and Mickey’s other 8-bit games. It’s designed to be intuitive for people who aren’t used to RPG games, but the battles are still fast-paced thanks to simple controls. Make avatars that you can customise and send other characters on missions while you’re doing other things. It sounds like a one-stop shop for Disney fans who are into titles like Dreamlight Valley but with that extra retro touch for old-school gaming fans like us! I’m looking forward to eventually taking it for a spin, and if you’re reading this in Japan, then you can register your interest on the game’s website right now!

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