Metroid Prime 4 Reveal Hopes Lifted By LinkedIn Developer’s Interesting Resume

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We’ve been waiting for Metroid Prime 4 for since June 2017. That’s right; the game was first announced almost seven years ago at E3, an event that doesn’t even exist anymore.

The game changed developers in 2019, and we wrote an article after discovering a listing on Amazon that said the game would be releasing on Monday 2 January, 2023?

Monday 2 January, 2023 has been and gone, and I certainly haven’t been taking Samus Aran on a new adventure through the cosmos recently, so I think we can all agree that Amazon were being a little bit hopeful with that one.

On checking now, Amazon have reverted back to having no information on the new release, which is probably wise considering how Samus fans everywhere are tense with anticipation for a new game.

Still, some hope remains for all of us patient gamers, silently checking the news every morning in the hope that Nintendo have shadow dropped another Metroid title just like they did with Metroid Prime remastered.

Here’s what we’ve found!

A Crumb Of Hope For Metroid Prime Fans

We remember games that were talked about for months and months, maybe even years, and that never actually came out. The thing is, we’re not mad about that, because the hype of waiting for those games was so exciting.

And part of that hype was reading articles and watching videos from people that kept that hope alive.

One such YouTuber is SuperMetalDave64, a prominent force in the Metroid Prime 4 hype world, and his latest video has revealed some interesting crumbs of information about Metroid Prime 4 that have supercharged our excitement once more.

Credit: SupermetalDave64/Edwin Atwell/LinkedIn

Edwin Atwell. You might not know him by name or to say hello to in the street, but their LinkedIn page shows a sneaky little entry that you might well be interested in.

Edwin is a game tester, and as you can see from the previous two titles on Edwin’s list, they’ve been working with some pretty big names in the industry.

Note the time frames working on each of those Call of Duty games too – 7 and 9 months respectively working from the bottom up. Obviously, it would be nice to think that Metroid Prime 4 would also follow that same game testing pattern, but with the wait we’ve had so far, who knows how long Edwin could be testing this for.

Still, the fact that a games tester is currently working on testing Metroid Prime 4 and has been for some time now does give us renewed hope!

Final Thoughts

Metroid Prime 4 still has TBA, TBC, and ‘TBHWK’ (which is something I just made up for ‘To Be Honest Who Knows) on all of its listings, but I keep thinking back to that shadow drop of Metroid Prime Remastered… are we going to get an announcement of Metroid Prime 4 shipping with the Nintendo Switch 2 and the next 3D Mario game

If Nintendo’s previous dates for their directs are anything to go by, then we should be getting another Nintendo Direct this February. It’ will be 11 months since Edwin began testing MP4 by that time – is it primetime to talk about Metroid Prime?

Only time will tell!

Check out the full video from SuperMetalDave64 for more details!

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