GameFlavor to Release a Resident Evil Flavored Soft Drink

GameFlavor Resident Evil

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Yes, you read that title correctly; GameFlavor and Capcom have teamed up to deliver a new Resident Evil First Aid Drink.

This limited edition collector’s set is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise.

Needless to say, we are all wondering the same thing: what does Resident Evil taste like, exactly? Surely, nothin’ good!

Well let’s take a closer look at this GameFlavor Resident Evil drink and see what exactly is going on here.

Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box

GameFlavor Resident Evil
Image Source: GameFlavor

The GameFlavor website reads “including ten drinks and herbs related to the game”, and thank goodness they quickly clarify:

The Resident Evil First Aid Drink will be a cucumber-lime-mint soft drink.

Well that doesn’t sound too bad!

GameFlavor Resident Evil
Image Source: GameFlavor

(In the promotional material released by GameFlavor, you can see that the can above was for a green herb tea citrus & ginger flavored drink.)

I’m glad they went the refreshing and tasty route rather than the “dead zombie sludge” route.

GameFlavor is set to produce 4750 special edition collector’s boxes.

Each box comes with ten canned drinks that have a spray can aesthetic.

They are going to include one spray can topper to finish the whole spray can look.

The set also includes four ‘Ink Ribbons’, which seems to be a purely aesthetic thing for collectors and fans of Resident Evil.

There is also a certificate of authenticity, a recipe book for non-alcoholic drinks, and an artbook.

Release Date and Price

The GameFlavor Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box is currently a pre-sale item.

And they are going for the premium price of €199 euro / $215 usd.

Delivery date is to be determined, but is estimated to be Q3 2023.


Obviously, this is one of those niche products that’s for a hardcore fan of the particular franchise it is associated with.

The average buyer is not in the market for a Resident Evil soft drink.

And it would have to be somebody who loves the franchise to buy a $215 collector’s box with ten drinks.

The real bind you’re gonna have if you buy one of these…

You’re not gonna want to drink one of them, because you’ll ruin the integrity of the full set.

But how are you gonna buy it and NOT drink one?

That’s a predicament I will leave to the hardcore fans who purchase a collector’s box.

Surely, keep it somewhere you can easily access it for real “first aid” situations.

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