Nintendo Announces New All Red Mario OLED Switch Model

Nintendo Switch Mario Edition

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Nintendo has just announced a brand new Mario-themed OLED Switch model; I hope you like the color red!

The system has one of those super easy to remember names – the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: Mario Red Edition. It just rolls right off the tongue.

But surely the name kind of says it all… it’s a Mario-themed Nintendo Switch. The OLED display flavor of Nintendo Switch.

The announcement of this new model came as the conclusion to today’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder direct. Which you can watch in full below:

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: Mario Red Edition

Nintendo Switch Mario Edition
Image Source: Nintendo

There will be no advertised new features coming in this Nintendo Switch Mario Edition, but we anticipate that it has the same internal configuration as the previous OLED models.

And, of course, it will have the exact same performance as all Nintendo Switch editions, with no “Pro” features to speak of.

But what is new is the incredibly alarming all red color scheme; the entire exterior of the Switch, Joycons and dock are 100% bright red.

There’s a very subtle Mario silhouette and some gold coins that can be discovered on the rear of the dock, but no Mario related graphics at all on the Switch or Joycons themselves, which is a bit disappointing.

There is not much separating the Mario theme from a fire truck theme, Clifford the Big Red Dog theme, or a Sriracha hot sauce theme.

Obviously, if you are a fan of the color red, you’ll absolutely love everything about this new Nintendo Switch iteration.

You’ll have to pry my Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch and Zelda Pro Controller from my cold dead hands, but it is kind of cool to see brand new editions released for a variety of tastes.

Purchase Information

Nintendo Switch Mario Edition
Image Source: Nintendo

The new Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: Mario Red Edition launches on October 6th worldwide.

This new OLED model will retail for $349.99USD, which is the same price as the original white model.

Pre-orders are open right now on the Nintendo website. that’s just over a month to make your purchases before delivery!

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