Lunar 3 Game Gaining Traction To Make New Sequel A Reality

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The combined efforts of the retro gaming community regularly result in new DMG titles and unreleased games coming to the fold, and now a Lunar 3 Game could be in the pipeline too.

We are continually blown away by the diligent hard work that our readers and retro fans put into reviving old classics. You guys allow millions of people to complete unfinished adventures, to boldly go where we simply couldn’t go before. We hear you say ‘stick it’ to the developer who dropped a title before its rightful end, and for that, we salute you.

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The newest cause to tickle our gaming tastebuds is a petition to make a new Lunar 3 game a reality. When we first heard about the idea it blew our minds; one of the best game series of the 90s being reborn!

Lunar had so many more stories to tell, so many chapters left to play through. And with your help, we can make it happen.

Here’s everything we know about the petition, and a little bit of info as to what Lunar is for any newbies to the story.

Turning A Lunar 3 Game Into A Reality!

Lunar 3 game - Box for Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue

What Is Lunar?

Lunar is a series of RPG games released for the Sega CD throughout the 1990s. Created by novelist Kei Shigema and the talented world designer Hajime Satouwas, both games received critical acclaim. They ported to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, and a spin off even made it onto the Nintendo DS.

They’re two of the best Sega CD games for a reason!

But we’re not here to talk about spin-offs; were here to continue the adventure on home consoles everywhere.

I can’t believe it’s almost 30 years at the time of writing since ‘Lunar: The Silver Star’ first dropped into our lives. The world would be a much duller place without Alex, Hiro, Althena, and the maleficent Zophar.

The first title, Silver Star to fans, arrived in 1992, with the sequel ‘Lunar – Eternal Blue’ arriving two years later. Each of these titles is jam-packed full of RPG goodness. From their epic storylines set 1,000 years apart to the characters and scenarios players navigate through, these titles are pure classics.

Tell Us About The Plot!

Picture the scene.

The Dark God Zophar infects the Blur Star planet. After a ferocious battle, the Dragon Goddess Althena banishes Zophar to another dimension. Althena brings the survivors of the planet to a moon to continue their lives.

The new world sees humans, elf-like creatures, and other weird and wonderful people living together, though not always in harmony. Althena created four dragons to protect Lunar, and anyone courageous and cunning enough to pass their trials can become a Dragonmaster.

The games depict different parts of Lunar’s history, but with a plot like this, there are many more stories to tell. Lunar games incorporate intense romances and character development. They speak to players on a different level, drawing gamers in and bringing them back for more.

Can you tell we’re excited?

What Could a Lunar 3 Game Be Like?

Credit: Nick D

The series has already explored the moon world of Lunar at various points in time, though there are many more mysteries still to unravel.

The abandoned Blue Star could hold many secrets both on the surface and under it, with undiscovered races and new challenges awaiting any potential Dragonmasters. Then there’s the story of Zophar and Althena. Could gamers see origins stories for these two huge characters?

Perhaps a potential Lunar 3 game could introduce new characters and moons, or even have a Rogue One style title revolving around the infection of the Blue Star.

Like a good fantasy novel, this game has so many segments that could be expanded upon and made into multiple new titles. But, before we see Lunar 4, 6, or even 10, we need to get a Lunar 3 game off the ground.

The Lunar 3 Game Petition

The Lunar 3 Game petition continues to gain traction day by day. As Lunar fans, the minds behind the campaign feel that gamers across the globe deserve a chance to delve back into this fascinating world.

We couldn’t agree more, especially in times where everyone is looking for a release from the stresses of lockdowns and curfews.

The team behind the movement has already reached out to the individual people responsible for creating the first two games. The good news is that everyone who worked on Silver Star and Eternal Blue wants a new Lunar 3 game to become a reality!

Well, almost everyone…

Game Arts, the original developers for the series still own the rights to Lunar, and they won’t budge an inch when it comes to making a new title.

Thats why we need you to make this happen.

What Can I Do?

Credit: Danbooru

If we want a Lunar 3 game, then we need to work for it.

Game Arts aren’t going to give up the rights without a fight, which is where you come in. No, no one needs to grab a sword or ride a dragon. Signing a petition will do nicely.

The team behind this Lunar 3 game push has already garnered over 1,300 signatures at the time of writing this article. With your help, they can make a real case to Game Arts. Hopefully, they can regain the rights to make a third title too!

Sign the Lunar 3 Petition and take the fight to Zophar and Game Arts! This game can’t happen with you, so join the cause and bring Lunar back to the masses.

Althena demands it!

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