Logan Paul Pronounces Blue Scuti ‘The Toughest Opponent He’s Ever Faced’ After Tetris Showdown

Logan Paul vs Blue Scuti Tetris World Championships

We all love the fact that Tetris is still so prominent in the world of gaming 40 years after its creation, and not just with older players either. Can you remember back when we documented 13-year-old Willis Gibson, aka Blue Scuti beating Tetris on the NES, the first-ever human player to achieve the feat in the history of the game? Well, he’s back in the news again after proving that he’s in his ‘prime’ against one of the biggest celebrities on the planet right now.

If you’re a Tetris legend like Blue Scuti, there’s one event that you need to be at without fail – the Tetris World Championships. Competitors from all over the world attend the event and even some from the world of YouTube and the WWE. Yes, Logan Paul, a notable video game enthusiast and wannabe Tetris champ was also at the event and went up against Blue Scuti in a head-to-head match that ended very quickly!


It’s amazing to see how quickly Blue Scuti slots pieces together while playing; he’s an absolute machine, and Logan’s comments showing his respect for the young player are incredibly wholesome. Speaking with ESPN in an interview afterward, Logan said, ‘Blue Scuti is the toughest opponent I’ve ever faced, Floyd Mayweather pales in comparison to Blue Scuti. He’s a Tetris legend, he’s a pop culture icon’.

Talk about some amazing quotes to have on your resume, right? I imagine Blue Scuti felt ten feet tall after that interview! Being the first human player (computers have done it before, I’m not continually saying human because we’ve seen aliens or aardvarks do it) to beat Tetris at such a young age is phenomenal and shows true dedication and perseverance, something that many of us could do with in our own careers and passions. It’s thanks to players like Blue Scuti and Logan Paul that Alexej Patinov’s creation is celebrating 40 years of success, a game that will continue to be in our hearts, minds, and consoles, for as long as we have thumbs to play it!

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