Limited Edition Space Invaders Quarter Scale Cabinets Dropping From Numskull Designs in 2023

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Can you believe it’s been 45 years since Taito released Space Invaders? Well, you better believe it, as there’s two new limited edition Space Invaders quarter scale cabinets coming in 2023 from Numskull Designs and Taito!

That’s right; Numskull Designs are about to make your workspace or games room 100% cooler thanks to two new quarter scale cabinets celebrating Space Invaders and Space Invaders Part II.

As if that wasn’t special enough, these incredibly limited edition cabinets have received the official scrawl of approval from Mr Space Invader himself.

And yes, I did mean to write scrawl.

The genius mind behind one of the most famous space game of all time, Mr. Tomohiro Nishikado, has signed the cabinets to commemorate the birth of these two incredible titles.

Let’s find out what these cabinets are like, how many there are, and how you can get them below!

Numskull Designs X Taito Space Invaders Collaboration Is The Pre-Order Of The Year!

These two Space Invaders quarter cabinets should be on everyone’s wish list for 2023.

One of the best retro games of all time, Space Invaders remains one of the most important and influential titles of our lives.

And it’s gone on to become a cult classic amongst gamers the world over. I even had a hoodie with those little green gremlins on them at one point!

Lovingly brought to life by Numskull Designs, each cabinet ships with a collectors coin, collectors packaging, and a miniature replica of the Taito arcade stool you might have sat on back in the day depending on where you pre-order.

The main question is are you going to keep yours in a box or rip it open and play some old-school Taito action straight away.

I’m definitely in the second category there!

What Are The Specs Of These Limited Edition Space Invader Cabinets?

Space Invaders Quarter Scale Cabinets - Arcade cabinet in an arcade

Each cabinet stands at 1/4 scale of the original Space Invaders cabinet. coming in at 17” (44cm) x Width:  6.5” (16.6cm) x Depth: 8.8” (22.5cm).

And for the true nostalgia rangers out there, they each come with a Pepper’s ghost effect mirror screen just like the cabinets of yesteryear.

Ok, the golden age of gaming wasn’t exactly yesteryear, but you know what I mean.

With a 5″ TFT screen and 3-watt speaker, it’s miniature gaming brilliance for the masses.

And the great thing is that you don’t need to keep it plugged in all the time. Each cabinet has a rechargeable lithium battery that provides hours and hours of playback.

Here’s the cool thing too; the cabinets use a custom-built emulator that plays the very same arcade ROM from the old arcade days.

How Many Limited Edition Space Invaders Quarter Arcades Are Going On Sale?

When I say that these cabinets are limited edition, I’m really putting emphasis on the word ‘limited’.

There are 78 Space Invaders cabinets to commemorate the original game dropping in 1978.

Likewise, there are 79 Space Invaders Part II cabinets dropping as the sequel came out in 1979.

And yes, Mr. Tomohiro Nishikado has signed all of them!

Where Can I Buy The Numskull Designs Space Invaders Quarter Cabinets?

Space Invaders Quarter Scale Cabinets - Space Invaders pre-order details

These quarter cabinets are available from the Just Geek store and come with an exclusive Taito stool if you pre-order ahead of release day.

Pre-ordering from other retail outlets won’t get you the stool, but you will get an official Taito coin to place on the table next to your cabinet!

As I said earlier, these cabinets are incredibly limited. Once stock is gone, there won’t be any more dropping.

And to be honest, these could be two of the most important mini consoles of the decade!

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