Lego Teases An Upcoming Pac-Man Set

Lego Pac-Man

LEGO has just dropped an interesting teaser on their Twitter account letting us know that a new Pac-Man collaboration is coming soon.

At the moment, they have given no further details. But we have seen a leaked image of what might be coming from these two legends.

And for the sake of respecting the chosen release schedule from LEGO, we won’t share that image here.

But what we will say is that we are very excited to see it when it’s officially announced.

Lego x Pac-Man

Lego Pac-Man

It is a bit of a surprise that LEGO and Pac-Man have not yet released a set together.

With so many cool Pac-Man collaborations, like Pac-Man pork belly buns and Pac-Man Christmas jumpers, a LEGO set just makes a lot of sense.

Knowing that it has been this long for Pac-Man to make his debut with LEGO means we should surely expect something special.

Pac-Man is one of the most well known and beloved arcade classics, and we’d love to see something “arcade” themed from LEGO.

That’s a fun Google search (“lego arcade”) that yields some interesting fan-made stuff, but none from LEGO themselves that I could find. Unless, of course, you find that leaked image. *wink wink*

Until it’s official, let’s all await for an interesting announcement from LEGO about a possible Pac-Man arcade set, eh?

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