LEGO Teases Massive New Lord Of The Rings Set

Lego Lord Of The Rings

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LEGO has dropped a massive tease on their Twitter today. Quite literally, as the tease is revealed in the reflection of a gold ring that drops on the floor, and all signs are pointing to a new Lord Of The Rings set.

Lego Lord Of The Rings
Image Source: LEGO Twitter

By design, the secret was not concealed all that well. And keen eyes will see in the reflection of the ring is the legendary city of Rivendell.

Lego Lord Of The Rings
Image Source: New Line Cinema

With that mystery seemingly solved, we can also deduce that we may be seeing Frodo in his white pajamas he is seen wearing when he awakens in Rivendell. We also see some pink bare feet (why no hair though?).

LEGO has a long track record of delivering hit after hit after hit, and their crossover sets are always pretty awesome. They’ve got a set for pretty much all of the best franchises out there.

With the recent release of “The Rings of Power” television series, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see new LEGO sets revealed celebrating the Lord Of The Rings universe once again.

Another Possibility

One comment on Twitter asked something quite interesting: “Could it Be LEGO Lord of the Rings Video Game?” (User @NinPlayStation)

Now that is something that many of us probably would not have thought of.

There was a LEGO Lord Of The Rings video game back in 2012 and a Hobbit game in 2014, but there’s nothing saying they could not do another one.

Both of those games appeared on our list of the best Lego games of all time.

And the LEGO video games tend to craft their own unique stories around the particular franchises they leverage. So I’m sure they could pull off a new Lord Of The Rings title if they wanted to.


Whether we are seeing a tease of a new LEGO set or a new video game… we are ready for it.

LEGO sets are awesome… LEGO video games are even more awesome.

So we all win no matter what this turns out to be.

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