New Donkey Kong Characters Teased By LEGO

LEGO Donkey Kong

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LEGO took to Twitter today to tease some of the new upcoming Donkey Kong characters being added to the Super Mario expansions.

We had previously seen the new Donkey Kong figure in full glory in his MAR10 Day reveal here: New Mario Sets For MAR10 Day.

LEGO told us then that we would be getting some DK expansion sets, but it has been silent ever since.

Today we got an obscured and cropped look at a couple of the new characters coming along side Donkey Kong.

So let’s see who else is coming to the Super Mario LEGO universe:

Donkey Kong x Super Mario x LEGO

LEGO Donkey Kong
Image Source: LEGO

Of course, we know about Donkey Kong coming to the Super Mario LEGO world.

We saw him on March 10 for MAR10 Day. And we actually saw him in a lot more detail on that day.

LEGO Donkey Kong
Image Source: LEGO

Who we haven’t previously seen was our favorite gorilla patriarch, Cranky Kong.

One character appearance that I wouldn’t have called, but am very excited to see is Funky Kong.

Our guy Funky made a small cameo in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, but he could certainly benefit from some more air time. Maybe in a future DK movie?

LEGO Donkey Kong
Image Source: LEGO

And last, we also have Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, who both make an appearance in my favorite DK game: Donkey Kong Country 2.

In fact, Diddy makes his debut in DK Country 1 and Trixie made her debut in DK Country 2.

And both of those classic games make an appearance on our list of the Best Donkey Kong Games, too.

If LEGO asked me to pick my favorite Donkey Kong characters to come to the LEGO world, they certainly hit the mark.

Perhaps we could also get King K. Rool one day, or maybe Scoff? But I think LEGO is trying to stick to primates for now. And I’m fine with that.

Either way, we are just very excited to see some new additions to the Super Mario LEGO world. Can’t wait to hear more information about the sets to be available.

Of course, we will let you know as soon as anything new pops up!

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