How To Win All HARD Missions In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

how to win all missions in advance wars reboot camp

Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp is a game that provides many different challenges in the shape of missions, some are easy and some are difficult.

Admittedly, there’s many that I personally struggled with so I used is an excuse to write a guide with some of the harder missions in the game.

Hopefully this will help you complete this awesome game for the Nintendo Switch with ease.

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 01, you need to capture Olaf’s HQ or take out the Medium Tank. Cross the bridge to capture the two neutral cities, whilst taking out the Tank, Artillery, and the Jeep. Then use a Tank to draw the Medium Tank to you, leaving the HQ open. 

Another perk of this route is that you can destroy the Medium Tank instead, thus ending the battle. 

That being said, do not enter the Medium Tanks attack range until you absolutely have to – if you face this Unit head on, especially with Infantry or Mechs, you’re toast. 

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp capture cities

Initially, you want to hold your Artillery back, avoiding enemy Artillery for as long as possible. In the meantime, take your Tanks across the bridge followed by your Infantry and Mechs. I left my Infantry to capture cities, while the Mechs aimed for the Medium Tank/HQ. 

Some of the enemy Infantry might counter your Mechs, but they’re no match for them. 

Towards the end of this fight, if you’ve followed my guide, it’ll be pretty much one Medium Tank against several Units; at this stage, it’s almost impossible for you to lose!

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp defeat Medium Tank

Just a little FYI: Nell will force you to use her Lucky Star CO Power whether you want to or not, so just roll with it. I don’t think it has a massive impact on the outcome of this battle, but it’s a nice introduction to what these abilities can do.

I won Mission 01 both ways (capturing the HQ and Medium Tank defeat), and think the Medium Tank strategy is the fastest. You’ll take out all the enemies on the way, ensuring total Orange Star domination. 

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp S Rank

Congratulations, you won! But before you celebrate, Olaf is already waiting for you in Mission 02 – you didn’t think he’d yield, did you? He might be licking his wounds, but he’s still fired up for war.

If you struggled with Mission 01 (it’s okay, there’s no shame), I’d like to direct you to my 11 best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips. They’re easy to follow, simple yet effective, and are always available when you need them most.

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How to Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 03, uncover the enemy Rockets early on, then avoid entering their attack areas while sending your Units forward. Scout the dark areas using your Recon, or by placing Infantry and Mechs atop mountains to improve their field of vision. 

You need to move across this map carefully at all times. Rockets can take out Units quickly, and while you’ve got your own, you want to avoid the enemy Rockets as best you can. 

How To Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp enemy Rockets

Once you discover the enemy Rockets, use your Tank and Artillery to take them out. One Tank should take a Rocket’s HP down to 3, leaving your Artillery to finish it off. Alternatively, if you want to save your Artillery, send in another Tank or Medium Tank instead. 

It’s also wise to send the Recon out whenever you can, aiming for areas near or in darkness. However, try to avoid leaving them too vulnerable, or leading them into a trap. 

As always, I advise using spare Infantry to capture cities along the way, just to give you a better foothold on the battlefield. 

One Last Nasty Surprise

Once the enemy Rockets are gone, there’s only one more nasty surprise lurking in the fog: enemy Artillery on either side of the enemy HQ. 

I’ll be honest, I sacrificed my Recon at this point, while ensuring that I sent in all the tanks I had. Meanwhile, my Infantry and Mechs continued to advance towards the HQ, relatively unhindered by the enemy. 

Due to taking a hit from enemy fire, it took my Mech three turns to capture the HQ. Nevertheless, I won Olaf yet again and took back some more Orange Star territory. 

How To Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp capture HQ

Having successfully learnt how to win Mission 03 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, Nell, we declare you experienced enough to take on future missions alone. 

As scary as that sounds, she’s always in the background should you get into trouble.

How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 05 and beat Grit, you need to utilise your Bases and purchase more Units as and when needed. Avoid Grit’s Snipe Attack by attacking indirect Units head on – if you’re up close, they can’t hurt you.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the problem with Grit’s Snipe Attack is that it increases the attack range of indirect enemies by +2, and improves their attack by +65. Even direct enemy Units gain a slight boost; all in all, Grit is a scary opponent despite his charms.

How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Snipe Attack

Before you reach for that white flag, you have something Grit doesn’t: Bases.

Tanks, Infantry, Mechs, Artillery, even Missiles; these factories have all of them.

Okay, so they don’t have Battle Helicopters or Submarines, but you do have everything you need to win this fight!

However, these resources cost money. 

To ensure you gain maximum funds to churning out strong allies, capture as many cities as you can – the more cities you have, the better your income. I’d start by using your Infantry to cross the river and capture those four neutral cities.

While you do that, move your remaining troops along the road, taking out enemy Tanks and Artillery as you go. Hold your Artillery back and use your Tanks for a more direct assault.

However, don’t forget that you can’t fire upon Artillery directly unless you’re using Infantry or Mechs.

The Second Attack

Once you’ve destroyed the enemy Artillery, your next priority should be those enemy Rockets, just because of how much damage they can do if left unchallenged. 

No matter what you do, Grit will eliminate some of your Units. But thanks to your Bases, you can recoup your losses quite easily. 

If you’re not sure when Grit will use his power, check the CO Meter regularly, and if an enhanced attack is imminent, move your Units in for a direct attack (if you can), or retreat back to safety.

Although the goal is to capture the enemy HQ, if you handle the map like I’ve described, you’ll end up defeating all enemy Units before reaching it. Regardless of how you approach this battle, you now know how to win Mission 05 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp (the easy way). 

How To Win Mission 06 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win this mission, you need to stop the enemy from capturing the neutral Base in the upper left-hand corner of the map. You don’t need to capture it yourself, just stop Green Earth from getting it. 

That Base is the key to winning. The only problem is that Air Units will target your Transport Copter the moment it moves towards that area. 

You need to load a Mech into the T-Copter, then move it to just outside any enemy Air Units’ attack range (press the B button while hovering over an enemy to get a visual of this). 

How To Win Mission 06 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp T-Copter

Once your T-Copter is safely tucked away, your next move is to attack the enemy B-Copter with one of your own, before finishing it off with an Anti-Air Tank. At the same time, it’s wise to start moving as many of your other Ground Units forward. 

Get To The T-Copter!

During your next turn, get that T-Copter to directly drop your Mech on top of the neutral Base. You can’t capture right now, but your Mech will prevent the enemy capturing it. 

The enemy Tank at that island will eventually target the T-Copter, which should survive the first hit, leaving your Mech to deal with enemy Infantry.

How To Win Mission 06 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp defeat enemy Infantry

An enemy Fighter will come to attack you at the neutral Base, with your T-Copter becoming collateral damage. However, because you injured the enemy Infantry already, another attack will defeat him; even if your Mech dies, that Base can’t be captured now.

With that problem solved, all you need to do now is advance your Ground Units forward, using defeating all the enemies along the way. 

How To Win Mission 06 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Eagle lost

This will be challenging, there’s no doubt about it. But once you know how to win Mission 06 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, you’ll have no problem showing Eagle who’s boss.

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 08, you need to send your Recon into the fog to extend your field of vision; use Forests to hide you. Then once enemies appear, check their attack range to ensure you’re safe from Grit’s Snipe Attack. 

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp attack range

Easy peasy, right? Well, it’s actually still hard going even if you advance very slowly across the board. 

You’re going to lose Units in this one, which seems to be a recurring theme once Advance Wars gets going. However, while losses will happen, you can easily get to the enemy HQ by sending your Infantry across the mountains. 

Following the road is a must for Tanks and other Ground Units, but your Infantry and Mechs can scale mountains with ease. If you do this, you’ll get to the HQ much faster than trying to follow the road. 

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp HQ

The hardest challenge to overcome in Mission 08, besides the fog, is knowing when Grit will use his CO Power. This is why you should check his CO Meter regularly, so you can move your Units out of harm’s way. 

Compared to Mission 06 and Eagle, this battlefield is a breeze. Still, Grit can beat you if you don’t take your time and utilise your Recon. And if you’re still stuck battling Eagle.

Orange Star lives to fight another day, and just in the nick of time because we need to claw back some territory from Blue Moon STAT.

How To Win Mission 09 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 09, you need to send some of your Infantry across the mountains and into Blue Moon territory. Take back some of their cities and you’ll easily gain the advantage!

Of course, it isn’t going to be that simple. This is because the bridges will get congested with Tanks and Artillery, causing a bottleneck. Consequently, it’s difficult to reach enemy cities in time to capture them.

To avoid this issue, you need to stand foot soldiers up and across the map.

But remember, don’t leave your soldiers unprotected for long when they take a city. Make sure to send in other Ground Units, like your Medium Tanks, to keep them safe while they do their job. 

Another useful tip is to pick Max to lead this battle. Although Andy is great at mass repairing Units, Max offers increased damage when fighting head on, which is ideal for this fight. 

I only had to capture one enemy city to win Olaf. That being said, I had to hold my position at all the other cities to make sure enemy Infantry didn’t sneak in and gain the upper hand. 

Blizzard Battle is hard, mainly because you start with three cities and the enemy with six. Nevertheless, if you play it cool and get your forces to attack from several positions rather than one, you’ll beat Blue Moon. 

How To Win Mission 09 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Olaf defeated

You might have discovered how to win Mission 09 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, but there are stronger enemies to come.

How To Win Mission 12 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 12 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp battle map

The key to winning Mission 12 is to use Max as your CO. Max does more damage with his direct attacks, which allows you to take out Units quickly.

Of course, it isn’t just about choosing the right CO; you also need to use the terrain to your advantage.

At the beginning of the fight, pull your Units back behind the mountains between you and Kanbei. Not only will this give you great cover while you attack, but the enemy can’t cross this type of terrain. 

How To Win Mission 12 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Kanbei

I’d also suggest you keep an eye on the attack range of your enemies at all times, just like I taught you how to do in our best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips article. If you do this, you’ll protect your Medium Tanks and Missiles, aka the big guns, from harm. 

Another piece of advice you should know is that one lonely enemy Tank will retreat to refuel, so chase it down before it returns to full HP. By the time this Unit runs away, you shouldn’t have many other enemies left in your way. 

By starting off with indirect attacks, then unleashing Max’s increased damage once the enemy is tired and close-by, you’ll win Mission 12 without any problems. 

How To Win Mission 12 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp S Rank

As great as it is knowing how to win Mission 12 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, there’s no time to rest and recuperate because Kanbei isn’t done with you yet.

He’s got more tricks up his sleeve… thanks to Sonja, his tactical mastermind of a daughter! She’s a real piece of work on the battlefield, just to forewarn you.

How To Win Mission 15 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 15 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Max

To win Mission 15, you need to head to the enemy HQ, using your Recon to clear Fog of War patches. Move your Units up and across the map, ensuring you’re out of the enemy’s attack range. 

Working out the attack range in this battle is tricky because Sonja’s Enhance Vision means she can see into forests (which usually provide cover), and all her Units gain an increased attack range of one space. 

How To Win Mission 15 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Enhance Vision

All in all, Sonja is the queen of Fog of War, and will use that prowess to annihilate you… if you let her. 

The key to winning this mission is to move slowly, taking your time to access each area before moving any of your soldiers. You also want to move in two directions across the map, to allow multiple routes to the enemy HQ. 

There’s no Factories here to replenish lost Units, meaning you have to make every move count. 

Although distance isn’t Max’s strong point, he’s brilliant at head on combat – when the enemy is within range, use his CO Power and hit them where it hurts! 

How To Win Mission 15 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp captured HQ

My plan of attack is by no means foolproof, but it’ll secure you another victory nonetheless. Now you know how to win Mission 15 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, it’s time to put those skills to the test in Mission 16.

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp start of battle

The trick to winning Mission 16 is to head for both neutral islands. Use your Subs to scout for danger, then send your loaded Landers with troops to capture locations. 

Our goal is to capture 16 locations. Sadly, Gold Comet start with 10, while Orange Star only has 7.

Consequently, you must start capturing locations across both islands from Day 1. Focusing on just one island, or trying to capture the enemy HQ, will result in failure. 

Also, make sure to claim the Seaport on the lower island as quickly as possible.

Drop your troops from your Lander, then send one to the neutral Base, while the other Infantry captures the Seaport. Being able to deploy Naval Units from multiple locations will enhance both your defence and offence. 

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp subs

Your Subs are one of your best assets here, enabling you to scout the enemy without being detected (most of the time). They’ll clear Fog of War patches, and let you sneak attack the enemy’s Naval Units. 

Oh, and if you place a submerged Sub in a Seaport, even if it’s not yours, it’ll block the enemy from using it. Positioning Ground Units here will also help, but Subs can surprise the enemy more easily.

Another useful tip is to always have Units protecting territory you’ve already captured. If you’re lacking funds to do this, that’s another sign that you’re not capturing enough Cities; more locations equal more funds. 

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp both islands

You might end up cutting it close, but it doesn’t matter so long as you win!

Ready for the next battle?

How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp battle map

To win Mission 18 you need to send your Landers to the middle and upper right-hand island, while your Ground Units head south to capture two more Cities. 

Basically, you want to capture territory in three separate locations, with your priority being the middle island. You just need to capture 12 locations to win.

It sounds easy, but Drake’s Squall CO Power inflicts -1 HP to all your Units. Consequently, you need to counter his damage by using Andy’s Hyper Repair after Drake uses Squall. Do this and you’ll repair any damage done, as well as +10 Firepower and Defence. 

When using Landers, don’t just load up with soldiers, make sure to take Tanks, Missiles, and Artillery as well. Drake will attack from all angles, and while your troops are needed for capturing Cities, they’re not going to last against enemy Tanks. 

Send in the Subs

To keep Drake at bay, use your Subs to take out enemy Landers to prevent them from reaching that middle island. 

Although your Naval Units are a godsend, Drake has the advantage thanks to his Naval expertise.

What is more, use your Bases to send out more Units as and when needed. However, keep in mind that while you can purchase more Ground Units, you can’t purchase more Naval Units

How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Drake defeated

Drake is a cunning enemy, especially on the water, but if you remember to keep a steady pace and capture those locations, you’ll soon send him packing! 

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How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Day 1

The key to winning Mission 19 is to keep your Landers safe. To do this, send your Sub out ahead to search the area for enemies hiding in Fog of War. Once it’s safe, drop your Ground Units on the enemy beaches to capture the HQ.

The ideal path to victory is to use your Sub. However, your Recon is also great for clearing Fog of War, which you’ll need to help spot the concealed battleship in the lower right-hand corner. 

Move your Recon to the forest on the starting island, so that when the enemy Battleship moves into position, your other Units can easily target it. 

There’s also a Cruiser hiding on the left-hand side; use your Battleships to uncover it during Day 1. Cruisers are devastating against Subs, so take it out before it sinks you. 

Protect Your Landers!

You need to move your Landers out of harm’s way at all times before heading for enemy beaches. 

Take it slow. Seriously, you don’t want to rush this. Drake has plenty of Tanks, Medium Tanks, and Rockets waiting to destroy your Landers the move they’re in sight. 

The cleanest way to stay safe is to send your Units across, then move those Landers out to sea the next chance you get. If you’ve been using your Sub and Battleships wisely, you should be able to see some of the enemy’s attack ranges. 

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp enemy beaches

Storm The Beaches Safely

As for the ideal beach to storm, I’d aim for the one closest to Orange Star’s island, as well as the one in the upper right-hand corner. Going straight for the middle beach is a really bad move. Even with your Sub, you can’t see far enough to spot the dangers hidden around the enemy HQ.

Should your Landers get damaged, you can Join them together to counter the issue. However, that means you’ll be down to only one Lander, and thus closer to losing if you’re targeted. My advice is to keep the Landers separate. 

Oh, and both Landers need to survive this. If you lose one, you’ll need to start again – it’s brutal, but it’s war, after all. 

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp HQ captured

Slow and steady definitely wins the race here. In total, it took me almost 30 minutes to complete this, mainly because I kept getting caught out by hidden enemy Units. Hopefully by using this how to win Mission 19 in Advance Wars guide, you’ll be much quicker.

How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Bases

To win Mission 23, use Sami. Andy might seem the more logical choice, but Sami’s Ground Units can cover more distance. Secondly, you need to capture the two neutral Bases and Seaport before the enemy does. 

The latter is tricky because Sturm’s forces are constantly hounding you from Day 1. 

You need to use your Transport Copter to take a Mech down to the farthest neutral Base, while your Lander transports two Infantry Units to the nearest beach. 

Infantry have greater movement than Mechs, allowing you to reach locations you need in a shorter amount of time. 

The T-Copter takes two moves to reach the Base. Make sure to position the T-Copter in front of the building so your Mech lands directly on top of it. You’ll end up sacrificing your Air Unit, but it’ll keep your Mech safe long enough to capture the base. 

Head for the Airport!

How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Airport

Once you’ve captured all these locations, it’s time to churn out those Units asap. I advise purchasing more Infantry so you can transport them, via your Lander, over to the island with the Airport. 

Capturing that isn’t a priority, but you still want to prevent Sturm’s men from getting it. If you can claim the Airport for yourselves, save those funds and get creating more Bombers and B-Copters. 

At the same time, you still need to move your remaining Units down the road from Orange Star HQ to block the enemy from advancing there. Basically, the more Cities you have, the better your funds, the stronger your army will become. 

Not once during this battle will Sturm use his CO Power. This is a godsend because his Meteor Strike is such a powerful move, damaging multiple Units at once. 

I can’t promise you an S-Rank, but if you use this guide you’ll be sure to win Mission 23 and finally unlock the last battle of the main game.

How To Win Mission 24 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 24, you should use Andy, Max, and Eagle. Max has incredibly strong Units, and Eagle can attack Sturm’s forces in the air. You’ll also want to capture the Airport, Base, and Cities closest to the water. 

Capturing all of those locations is tough, especially the Cities because Sturm’s men are just across the bridge from them.

If you can’t capture them, just make sure to stop his men from taking them instead. However, the Airports and neutral Bases are essential.

You need to be able to purchase more Air Units to help transport your Ground Units, and keep the heat on the enemy at all times. The same is true for Max and Eagle, with the Airports priority for both COs as well. 

To keep the Air Units you’ve got in the sky for as long as possible, remember to check the Bombers and Fighters attack ranges, like I told you in my best Advance Wars beginner tips. The longer you can keep your initial Air Units, the better you’ll fare early on. 

Another solid tactic is to head upwards from three different directions, however, the main roads will soon get congested. This is why you want to send T-Copters across the bridges, and send Infantry and Mechs across mountains. 

Another important piece of advice I can give you is to avoid grouping too many of your Units together. 

When Sturm uses Meteor Strike, it’ll target one of those groups and leave them with extremely low HP. Sometimes taking the hit is worth it, especially towards the end of the fight, but in the beginning, avoid getting stung as much as possible. 

Once you’ve crossed into Sturm’s territory, it’s a good idea to either capture or cover enemy Bases and Airports. I found simply putting Tanks, Bombers, etc on top of them was far easier than attempting to capture them. Plus, it stops them creating more Units. 

Your aim is to capture the enemy HQ. However, if you manage to stop Sturm producing more Units, you might end up defeating all enemies before claiming the HQ for yourselves.

If this happens, it still spells a win for you and the end of Sturm’s reign… for now. 

Winning Mission 24 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp is hard.

Even though Sturm has been dealt with, there’s still other missions to do. These post-game battles are fun, but won’t add more to the overall story.

But whatever you choose to do now, know that you’ve taken care of Sturm and saved Cosmo Land!

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