How To Solve My Beloved Catharine In Octopath Traveler II

Have you been wondering how to solve My Beloved Catharine in Octopath Traveler II? Well, you’re not alone in struggling with this one. 

When you first meet the Haggard Man pining for his beloved Catharine, it’s all too easy to assume that it’s a person he misses, when the reality is a lot more fluffy.

That’s right, you’re not looking for a human at all, but an animal! 

The only problem is, there’s no hint that this is the case, nor is there any indication of where Catharine is hiding.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done the legwork on this one to ensure you have a much easier time finding his lost love. 

Are you ready to finally reunite this Haggard Man with his Catharine? Then it’s time to find a special little moggy!

Solving My Beloved Catharine In Octopath Traveler II

To solve My Beloved Catharine you need to Guide the Haggard Man to Clockbank: Industrial District. Once there, keep going left until you find a small, white cat at the end of the street – interact with the cat to reunite the two NPCs. 

Oh yeah, you were looking for a cat all along! 

I passed by this cat multiple times, wondering why I could interact with it but not use any Path Actions. Well, it turns out that this is Catharine, and you need to bring her owner to her.

This feline definitely plays hard to get. 

Temenos is the most logical character for this side quest because of his Guide Path Action, however, you can also use Partitio, Ochette, or Agnea.  

After you’ve brought these two back together, you’ll receive 12,000 Leaves and a Cait Powder necklace. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you solve the tale of My Beloved Catharine. If you want help with other side quests, make sure to check out Retro Dodo’s Guides section, where you’ll find out how to solve Waiting All Day & Night in Octopath Traveler II

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