How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64

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If, like us, you’re obsessed with playing Super Mario 64 on the Switch, then you might be wondering how to long jump in Super Mario 64.

It’s not out of the question; don’t forget not everyone played Super Mario 64 back in the day.

Some people are coming to this classic game after reading our Super Mario 3D All-Stars review (we’re taking all the credit; it had nothing to do with Mario’s birthday marketing.) Others might have played it back in the day but just plain old forgotten how to long jump.

Hey, chances are you’ve had to remember all the different controls for Biomutant since the 90s, so it’s not out of the question!

Anyhow, let’s crack on and learn how to long jump. Trust me, it’s much easier than in real life.

How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64 – N64

Grab your N64 controller and choose your preferred holding style. For me, it’s always been the claw hand, but I won’t judge you if you chose a different stance.

Find an open space where you’re not going to fall off a cliff while practicing. The field outside Peach’s castle is a good place to start.

First of all, push the control stick to start running. Once you’re moving forward, press the Z button at the back of the controller. Mario will crouch and put his hands on his head.

Then, press the A button and watch him fly forward through the air like an eagle.

You’ll know whether it’s worked or not as Mario will shout ‘Yahoo’!

How to long jump in Super Mario 64 - Switch with Mario jumping out of it

How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64 – Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re playing handheld on your TV, Mazza’s classic N64 adventure looks fantastic on the Nintendo Switch. And, until N64 & Sega Switch Switch Online Subscription with the N64 controller drops, the controls for long jumping will be slightly different.

Here’s how to cover that extra distance on the Switch.

So, this is the same whether playing handheld or using a Pro Controller. While running, press the ZL shoulder button to get down into a crouch. Then, with the speed of a ninja, press the A button to pull off a long jump.

As in the N64 version, you’ll hear Mazza shout ‘Yahoo’ like he’s being paid to advertise the old internet search engine.

What Is The Long Jump Used For In Mario 64?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve used this mostly for getting to places faster because I’m impatient. Still, the long jump has a much more important purpose.

Use this super jump to get across big gaps in levels, providing access to hidden areas and crossing drops that would otherwise mean instant death (or the loss of a life!).

It’s a neat little trick for avoiding certain enemies too, especially when you need to get away from the Bob-omb battlefield Chain Chomp super quick!

And there we have it! Now you know how to long jump in Super Mario 64.

Remember, you’ve still got to time the jump right, otherwise you’ll plummet down into nothingness. Practice first and don’t forget to hit that A button sharpish!

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