How To Get To Indigo Plateau In Pokemon Gold and Silver

how to get to indigo plateu in pokemon gold

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In this quick and easy-to-follow guide, we will show you how to get to Indigo Plateau in Pokemon Gold and beat the Champion once and for all!

Pokemon Gold and Silver were the worthy successors to their original main series games. In fact, the games were so good that players like you like to play the games even today. The game is considered one of the best main-series games ever created, thanks to its addition of the Kanto region from the previous games.

Gold and Silver are very different from the other main series titles. They tie back directly into the story of Red and Blue. This makes them a sequel of sorts to the red and blue games. And in this article, we will show you how you can access the Kanto side of the game to reach the Indigo Plateau and where the Champion awaits you!


The Indigo Plateau is where you can fight the elite four in Pokemon Gold. So just like in any other Pokemon game, before you can battle with the elite four, you need all the necessary gym badges for the league. In this case, we need all the eight badges in the Johto region.

By having all the 8 badges in the Johto region, you get the ability to use waterfall outside of battle. This will be important as we start moving towards the Indigo Plateau. The HM for Waterfall can be found ahead of route 44, near the Ice Path.

How to get to Indigo Plateau in Pokemon Gold and Silver

indigo plateau pokemon gold

Once all the eight badges are in your possession, go back home to New Bark Town. The river on the right-hand side of your house, which was inaccessible earlier, is now open. You can meet up with your in-game Mother before leaving if you want. But make sure to meet Professor Elm before you leave as he’ll give you a master ball, which will catch any Pokemon in one try!

After this, use surf and keep going east where the river flows, and eventually, you’ll reach a shore.

Here an NPC will let you know that you’ve set foot in the Kanto region. On this shore, you’ll find a cave entrance to Tohjo Falls. This is where the move waterfall will be used, so make sure you have it, or you won’t be able to pass through. Also, while you’re in the cave, you can pick up the moonstone on the left side of the cave.

You’ll reach Route 27 once you make it out of the Tohjo Falls cave. Just follow the route the game has laid down for you from here on. There will be a lot of trainers on Route 27 and eventually on Route 26; it’s sort of a prequel for what’s to come in Victory Road.

Victory Road

Following Route 26, you’ll eventually reach the Pokemon League reception gate. You’ll have to go through a quick security check where the receptionist will check your 8 badges. Once he’s done, the gateway to Victory Road is opened, and you can finally go in. There also are two other ways you can go, both of which are blocked off by NPCs.

One of these routes leads to Mt. Silver and the other to the Kanto region. But before we go to either of these two places, we need to defeat the Elite Four and the Champion.

Victory Road is a long and treachours cave where you’ll have to battle many Pokemon. But once you make it out of this cave, you’ll be in Indigo Plateau, ready to take on the Elite Four and eventually the Champion!

Make sure you read our guide on how to get to Kanto in Pokemon Gold & Silver before you do this!

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