How To Get Finizen In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

how to get finizen

Finizen was revealed before the official release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introducing the new Dolphin Pokemon to many loving fans.

It’s certainly a contender to be one of the cutest Pokemon in Paldea, and it can be easily obtained if you know where to search.

So, here’s how to get Finizen in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where To Catch Finizen In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

finizen catch location

Finzen the Dolphin Pokemon can be found North East of Artazon, on the beaches of the East Paldean Sea. It likes to play in shallow waters and can be caught without learning surf.

If you head to most beaches towards the east it’s likely you will eventually see a Finzen. I found ours along the shores of the East Paldean Sea and we didn’t need to surf.

This allowed me to catch it by simply walking up to it. Make sure you are quick as they tend to swim away after a short time. Throwing your main Pokemon at it will help speed up this process.

Finizen is a full water type Pokemon that eventually evolves into Palafin at level 38. There isn’t much visual difference between evolutions but Palafin has the ability to transform into its hero form that has unique designs.

It’s an andorable water type Pokemon that many collectors will want to add to their team, so I hope this short and sweet guide helps you.

How To Evolve Finizen In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Finizen evolves into Palafin at Level 38, and learns a new hero form skill that alters its appearance drastically.

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