How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Gold & Silver

how to get eevee in pokemon gold

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In this quick and easy-to-follow guide, we will show you How to get Eevee in Pokemon Gold or Silver in the easiest way possible. In fact, it will be so easy that you won’t even have to battle to get one!

Pokemon Gold and Silver were the worthy successors to the original main series games. Not only did Gold and Silver reignite the hype for Pokemon, but they also served as a stepping stone for future games. As the franchise was supposed to end in Johto!

The games were so good that players like you enjoy playing them even to this day. But as Pokemon games are known to be very vague at times, you get stuck at places you didn’t intend to.

Or you just can’t find the thing you’re looking for. In this case, it’s an Eevee that you want, so we decided to create a guide on how to get it.


Before you can get an Eevee, you need to defeat the third gym leader, Whitney. This battle is very tough on newer players, mainly if you selected cyndaquil as your starter. If you need help defeating her, read this simple and easy to follow guide – How To Beat Miltank in Pokemon Gold and Silver?

Once you defeat Whitney, you’ll be able to use the move rock smash outside the battles. Also, we have to go to route 37 to reach Ecruteak city, where the Eevee is found.

But the route to Ecruteak city is blocked by a tree; read this guide on removing this tree – How to cut tree (Sudowoodo) in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Once you get rid of the tree, on your way to Ecruteak city, remember to pick up the TM08, rock smash – How To Break Rocks In Pokémon Gold & Silver.

How to get Eevee in Pokemon Gold and Silver?

eevee location pokemon gold

Once you enter Ecruteak city, head straight to the Pokemon center, which should be the first building when you reach the town. When you go up to the counter, a guy named Bill will show up. He will talk in length about the TIME CAPSULE feature in Pokemon Gold and Silver. This feature transfers Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver to Pokemon Red and Blue.

Once he’s done talking, come out of the Pokemon center. Head to the left side of the Goldenrod city and locate Bill’s house. Inside his house, you’ll see 2 more NPC’s along with Bill. Go up and talk to Bill; he’ll then talk about the TIME CAPSULE.

Apparently, he found an Eevee in the time capsule, and he wants you to have it. Bill doesn’t go out much and hands over the responsibility of training the Eevee to you. And that’s how you can get Eevee in Pokemon Gold and Silver or Crystal as well.

Eevee from Bill

The Eevee you get will be at level 20. Eevee is a very versatile Pokemon, and if you manage to teach it bite or mud slap before the gym battle in Ecruteak, you have a decent chance at winning. Not only that, Eevee has 5 different evolutions in this game. But the other evolutionary rocks aren’t very abundant in Johto.

Umbreon and Espeon were added in Pokemon Gold and Silver. They don’t require an evolutionary stone. So you’ll most likely end up with one of these two eeveelutions.

Espeon and Umbreon both are powerful Pokemon, especially Espeon. As psychic types were compelling in Pokemon Gold and Silver. You’d have no trouble taking on any opponent in Johto with an Espeon on your side.

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