How To Get Bulbasaur In Pokemon Yellow

how to get bulbasaur in pokemon yellow

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Even though Pokemon yellow is a game that came out more than 20 years ago, the series fans haven’t forgotten about it.

There still is a large and devoted fanbase in the Pokemon community which regularly indulges into the retro Pokemon games from the past.

The interest can also be linked to the latest Pokemon games, which have been pretty successful. Games like Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite have done a great job at widening the already large Pokemon fan base. Once they get a taste of Pokemon, they go on to play the main series games.

And there’s no better way to start playing a franchise than by playing its first games. Pokemon Yellow is still being played to this day by thousands of gamers

People are still curious about finding and training new Pokemon on the game. Playing old games lets people relive their childhood memories.

As the market for older games is increasing, Nintendo saw an opportunity and decided to capitalise on it by releasing Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow again in 2016 as a part of their 20th-anniversary celebrations, and many downloaded the games.

So if recently you’ve got in on the Pokemania and are playing Pokemon Yellow, you might be wondering what is the best team in Pokemon Red and Yellow?

The next question (if you chose Pokemon Yellow) is how to catch Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow?

There is a way of obtaining the Pokemon and we’re here to guide you on each step of the process. This Pokemon Yellow guide will teach you how to get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow in the most straightforward manner and without any hassle or trading from the other game generations.

The guide also has various tips and tricks that aren’t well known and are bound to help you become the very best of the region. So with that out of the way, here is how to get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow!

How to get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow

As mentioned earlier, you can’t get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Yellow by searching for it in the grass. So the only way to get Bulbasaur is through Milena, who gives you a Bulbasaur when you interact with her. But that is easier said than done as Milena will only let go of her Bulbasaur if some requirements are met.

The Bulbasaur you’ll be receiving will be a level 10, and you can use it just like any other Pokemon you have caught in the game until that point. Bulbasaur is an excellent addition to any team. It was a strong starter in the first generation of the games.

So to get one, you first have to take care of the following: 

Step 1: Pikachu’s Happiness (Easy trick)

Pokemon Yellow Milena
Credit: WikiHow

Pokemon Yellow does stuff a bit differently. Unlike other Pokemon games from the main series, you’re given an option to choose a starter from a selection of three different Pokemon, usually Fire, Water, and Grass types. Pokemon Yellow was loosely based on the Pokemon anime, which was really popular back in the day.

As in the anime, the protagonist of the show, Ash Ketchum gets a Pikachu for a starter; the game also gives you a Pikachu as a starter to relive the story from the anime once again.

But what does this have to do with getting a Bulbasaur? It has everything to do with it. You see, Bulbasaur will only be rewarded to you if your Pikachu is happy. If your Pikachu isn’t happy you won’t be getting a Bulbasaur from Milena.

The happiness of a Pokemon depends upon a wide range of factors. You have to try to avoid Pikachu from fainting in a battle, take proper care of it, and provide it potions when needed. And if you’ve reached Cerulean City by the time you want a Bulbasaur, you’re Pikachu should be happy enough.

But for some reason, if yours isn’t, there is a pretty simple trick that’ll make your Pikachu happy. Get a lot of Potions from the store and give Pikachu; even if its health isn’t low, give it potions. This way, Pikachu’s happiness will increase and increase.

Once it’s done, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Cerulean City

pokemon yellow bulbasaur cerulean city

Now that your Pikachu’s happiness is good enough, we have to go to Cerulean City to get the Bulbasaur for whom we went through all this hassle.

Once you reach Cerulean City, head to the Pokemon Center of the area; once there, you’ll see a house located on the left side of the center.

Go inside the house, and you’ll see a couple of Pokemon just hanging around. You then have to go to the girl who quill be standing at the end of the room with a Bulbasaur beside her. You have to approach her and start talking.

She’ll tell you that she was waiting for a good trainer who’ll take care of her Bulbasaur. No battle, no exchanging any item, you get the Bulbasaur for free! If your Pikachu has good happiness, she will just hand over the Pokemon to you without you having to do anything.

The Bulbasaur will be level 10, just like any other wild Pokemon you would’ve encountered in the grass. It will also have the moves like Tackle, Growl, and Leech seed on it. 

Bonus: How to get a Charmander & Squirtle

pokemon yellow charmander squirtle

Once you’ve acquired your Bulbasaur, rather than going back to where you came from, head north. You’ll face a lot of Pokemon trainers on the way, so be prepared to battle a lot. After you’ve kept moving north for a while, you’ll end meeting a guy who’s standing at an elevation.

Reach up to him, and he’ll say that he’s not very good at raising his Pokemon and ask you to have it. The Pokemon is Charmander, another starter from the original game will be given to you for free!

Squirtle will take a bit of progression for you to get it, but just like Charmander and Bulbasaur, you’ll get it for free. Once you’ve defeated the gym leader, Surge, you’ll meet officer Jenny in the vicinity of the gym.

Go up and talk to her, and she’ll give you a Squirtle. She says she just caught it and didn’t want to keep it. It’ rather strange, as Squirtle can’t be caught in the game. This way you’ll be able to not only catch Bulbasaur but also the other two starters in the game!

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