How To Get All Super Mario Bros Wonder Medals

how to get all medals super mario bros wonder

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Mario games always require a lot of searching and players to use their eagle eyes, which is why we’ve made this handy guide on how to get all Super Mario Bros Wonder medals on each of the levels!

The Super Mario Bros Wonder Medals are something to strive toward if you want to do a full completion of the game.

However, while you may have accumulated some of these throughout your playthrough, it’s likely that you won’t have secured them all.

This is because you need to finish up some specific tasks in order to get them, which means leaving no stone unturned!

Below, we’ll run you through exactly what you need to do in order to get all of the Medals available so you can be the true Wonder master.

How To Get All Super Mario Bros Wonder Medals

super mario bros wonder all medals

To get your hands on all the Medals in Super Mario Bros Wonder, you will have to get 100% completion for the full game.

There are a total of six Medals for you to collect with each having very specific requirements.

Here is what you need to do in order to get every one for yourself:

  • Medal 1 – Complete a play-through of the game
  • Medal 2 – Collect all of the Wonder Seeds
  • Medal 3 – Collect all of the Purple 10-Flower Coins
  • Medal 4 – Get all Wonderful! Flagpole finishes
  • Medal 5 – Collect all Badges
  • Medal 6 – Collect all Standees

Surprisingly, the easiest of the six Medals is actually received from completing a playthrough of the game, which says a lot really.

What is nice though is that you don’t need to do anything else in order to pick up your medals, they are simply given to you automatically.

This makes life a little easier, especially considering you’ve just gone through some pretty arduous tasks!

super mario bros wonder secret exit piranha plants on parade 2

Some Helpful Collecting Tips

If you’re having some issues with finding and collecting all Wonder Seeds, you will have to locate all Super Mario Bros Wonder Secret exit locations so don’t go tearing your hair out thinking you’ve scoured every part of the levels.

The Badges are also particularly tricky, especially when it comes to the Sound Off? Badge, so we’ve got a guide to help you out there.

And then there’s the Standees. While these are mainly an online feature, you can use them offline, and acquiring them for all characters actually doesn’t need online functionality.

What you will need though is a bunch of Flower Coins as you can exchange these at one of Poplin’s Shops for a Standee Surprise item.

Finally, if you don’t know how to get a Wonderful! Finish, it’s quite simple – reach the top of the flagpole when ending the level and you should see the text pop up.

All in all, collecting all of the Super Mario Bros Wonder Medals is no mean feat, really testing your 2D platforming skills.

If you do go for all six, you will definitely go down in the Flower Kingdom history books!

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