How To Evolve Haunter In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

how to evolve haunter in pokemon legends arceus

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is selling like hot cakes, more and more Pokemon enthusiasts are jumping into the game in hopes to complete the Pokédex and venture through the main storyline, one quest at a time.

While there are many Pokemon to explore one of the most popular ghost-type Pokemon that was from the original 151 is Gengar.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus it’s a little tricky to come across a Gengar, so capturing a Gastly evolving it into a Haunter and then evolving that into a Gengar is the easiest route for those of you wanting to add Gengar to your team.

However, like many Pokemon games, Haunter has needed to be traded in the past in order for it to evolve, but in this Pokemon Legends: Arceus, that is a little different, so in this guide I am going to share with you how to evolve Haunter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus the easy way.

Where to get Gastly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You can find Ghastly exploring the night time darkness in Crimson Mirelands, and on occasion it can be find in Space Time Distortions around Obsidian Fieldlands. Remember, you can only find Ghastly at night, so make sure to rest at camp until night time to increase your odds.

How To Evolve Gastly In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

To evolve Gastly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus simply grow Gastly to level 25 and it will evolve into Haunter.

Where To Find Haunter In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

If you want to completely bypass evolving Ghastly, you can actually find Haunter in the same areas as Gastly, that is Crimson Mirelands, and Obsidian Fieldlands at night. Haunter is much rarer to find, so remember to take some time to look around.

If that is proving too difficult and time consuming Haunter has a high spawn rate in Space Time Distortions in Obsidian Fieldlands, so wait for one of those to spawn and jump inside, you’re likely to spot a Haunter.

Just remember your Ultra Balls!

How To Evolve Haunter In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

gengar pokemon legends arceus

To evolve Haunter In Pokemon Legends: Arceus you will need to obtain a Linking Cord. This can be purchased at Simona’s shop in Jubilife Village (for 1000 MP).

Or if you want you to be more adventurous and don’t have 1000 MP, you can find Linking Cords in Space Time Distortions, scattered on the floor. They are classed a rare item so you might have to visit a few Space Time Distortions to obtain one.

linking cord pokemon legends arceus

That is how you evolve Haunter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It does take some time, and is typically easier to do towards the end of the game, but if you manage to evolve Gastly fast and have some spare MP, then you can get Gengar early on too!

If you need help evolving other Pokemon we have many more guides, for example how to evolve Graveler in Pokemon Legends Arceus and how to evolve Machoke on Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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