How To Beat Flaahgra In Metroid Prime Remastered

You’ve found all the Chozo Ruins rune locations in Metroid Prime, been reunited with the Charge Beam, and are now ready to take down the Chozo Ruins boss. Just one question – do you know how to beat Flaahgra in Metroid Prime Remastered?

If you thought it was just a case of point and shoot, I’ve got some bad news for you: Flaahgra makes you work for this victory. 

Compared to the other mini bosses and bosses you’ve faced, Flaahgra requires a lot more patience, and a great deal of timing. 

Think of Flaahgra as a giant, organic Incinerator Drone – if you breezed through that fight, you probably won’t struggle here. But if you’re not great at timing your dodges, like me, then things could get hairy. 

It’s time to find your courage and take down this poisonous plant once and for all!

How To Beat Flaahgra In Metroid Prime Remastered

To take Flaahgra down quickly, shoot at the heating panels. When Flaahgra collapses, transform into the Morph Ball to enter one of the tubes at the base of the plant, then set off a Morph Ball Bomb. 

As tempting as it is to fire off a load of ammo into Flaahgra’s creepy face, it’s a pointless exercise that does no damage. However, those attacks will temporarily stun Flaahgra, which is the key to winning this fight.

You won’t have long, so make those moments count and get to work.

The first stage of the fight is over quite quickly, but Flaahgra is going to come back three more times, with each stage introducing more heating panels. By the final stage of the battle, you’ll need to take out four panels in total. 

It sounds easy, but Flaahgra really doesn’t want to die and will move a panel back into position after you shoot it. Now you understand why I said stunning this monster is so important…

Stun it, take out a panel, stun again, and keep going until every panel is broken. 

With the panels gone, Morph Ball your way in and blast the hell out of that thing! But be warned: if you take too long to set off a bomb, you’ll be ejected and have to start again. 

When Flaahgra finally splutters out its last plume of toxic air, you’ll be free to grab the Varia Suit. And oh boy, does it fit as well as ever!

how to beat Flaahgra in Metroid Prime Remastered - Varia suit

I know you’ll want to celebrate your victory, just remember that Flaahgra isn’t the last enemy you’ll face; Samus’ main mission is far from over.

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