How To Beat Every Boss In Sonic Superstars (The Easy Way)

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Sonic’s latest adventure introduces a plethora of challenging enemies but Retro Dodo is here to show you how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars.

From repeatedly facing off against Dr Eggman/Robotnik to going toe-to-toe with an electric octopus, we have all the tips and strategies you need to make short work of those that oppose you.

In addition to our written guide below we also have videos showing you how to beat this bosses from start to finish.

To give yourself that extra edge against these fearsome foes, try powering up your characters by finding the Chaos Emeralds that are hidden throughout the game.

The bosses in Sonic Superstars are no pushover so read on to find out how to beat each and every one of them!

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Bridge Island Zone Act 2

The first boss you’ll come up against in Sonic Superstars is Dr Eggman in Bridge Island Zone Act 2.

Eggman will start the fight by marching towards you. He’ll bend down and start to rotate his upper body before launching himself into the air. Use Eggman’s airtime to run underneath him and away from danger.

Beat Dr Eggman In Bridge Island Zone Act 2

Dr Eggman will land in a seated position giving you plenty of time to jump on his back for an easy hit.

The Doctor will turn and launch one of his rocket hands at you. There’s lots of space to move so jump out of the way of danger. While Eggman’s hand is stuck in the ground, run up to him and smack him in the face.

Dr Eggman will recycle his attack patterns so continue to dodge his advances and punish him when he leaves his guard down.

After he sustain enough damage, he’ll shed his robotic legs and summon a new spikey pair of mitts that he likes to spin around his floating torso. Be ready to dodge away from his spikes and look for opportunities to bounce on his head again.

Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked the Avatar Emerald Power earlier in Bridge Island Zone, now’s the time to use it.

Summoning clones will land multiple hits on Robotnik and make short work of his second phase.

Give yourself a high-five! You’ve learned how to beat Dr Eggman in Bridge Island Zone with ease!

How To Beat Dragonfly Boss In Speed Jungle Zone Act 1

As we continue along our guide for how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars, this Dragonfly Boss will ambush you at the end of Speed Jungle Zone.

After taking to the sky, Dragonfly will try to target you with a red reticle. Stay on the ground and spin dash away to avoid being hit by the grapple hook.

The grapple hook attack will anchor Dragonfly in place momentarily so spin dash along the grapple line to score a direct hit.

Dragonfly Boss In Speed Jungle Zone Act 1

Seemingly embarrassed, Dragonfly will retreat to the right. Follow the flying menace into a new area but get ready to dodge their electric ball attacks. Dragonfly will summon three waves of electric balls that hang in the air before zapping down to earth.

After the third wave, Dragonfly will attempt to hit you with their grapple hook again. Once again get ready to dodge the attack at the last minute and punish them with a swift spin dash to the face.

You can now follow Dragonfly into the final area but be careful of the spikes occupying sections of the floor.

Dragonfly will launch their electric ball attack again. Dodge it like before while also avoiding the spikes.

Dragonfly’s last attack sees them charge at the player at low level. Jump over their point snout and land a hit on their back to win the fight and complete Speed Jungle Zone Act 1.

How To Beat Monkey Boss In Speed Jungle Zone Act 2

Robotnik returns but never fear as the Retro Dodo team are here to show you how to beat the Dr Eggman Boss in Speed Jungle Zone Act 2.

Encased in his Monkey armor, Eggman will slide along the horizontal rails before attempting to crush you with his rotund posterior so keep dashing from side to side to easily avoid his attacks.

Monkey Boss In Speed Jungle Zone Act 2

Dr Eggman, clearly having learnt nothing from the Dragonfly boss in Act 1, then attempts to hit you with his own grapple hook. Move to the side and get ready to jump.

Eggman will launch another grapple hook at you from the side of the screen. The hook stays in place and the cable can be used as a platform to jump up to the height of the boss. Time your next jump so that you align with Eggman when the reticle locks on.

You will land safely on the lower cable while Eggman decks himself with his own grapple hook.

Dr Eggman will now reuse his crushing and grapple attacks before swinging around the vertical pole. When he does this, be sure to run to the side of the arena and time your jumps to clear Eggman as he approaches.

Eggman will now introduce his final attack and will attempt to hit you with an array of bombs.

Deftly jump at the blue bombs to swat them back at the Monkey armor.

Continue exploiting Eggman’s weaknesses and using his own tricks against him until he finally falls out of his tree.

From the Speed Jungle we’re heading into the clouds in our guide on how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars.

How To Beat Dr Eggman Boss In Sky Temple Zone Act 1

Dr Eggman has some wild inventions but none that can escape our guide on how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars.

Robotnik’s latest invention crashes through the floor to signal the start of the boss fight in Sky Temple Zone.

You’ll enter into a free-fall and will need to avoid the three waves of spinning, golden blades that Robotnik launches at you. There’s lots of space to avoid the danger if you stay near the top of the screen and as far away from Eggman as possible.

Dr Eggman Boss In Sky Temple Zone Act 1

Eggman will attack from below as soon as you land back on solid ground and will send you and chunks of debris skyward.

Use the makeshift platforms to climb upwards while dodging more spinning blades. When you are within range, bop Eggman and land back on one of the platforms. If you’re fast you’ll be able to grab a second hit against him but make sure not to fall between the cracks afterwards.

You’ll once again be sent tumbling down and be forced to avoid the spinning blades, although there are several more of them during this phase.

Repeat the fall and the climb once more until Robotnik starts to target you on the floating platform. Make like a speedy rodent and dodge his charge attack before jumping on him until his flying vacuum blows up.

How To Beat Clown Boss In Pinball Carnival Zone Act 1

After bouncing around Pinball Carnival Zone Act 1 you’ll encounter the Clown Boss. Don’t worry if you’re one of those people with fear of clowns, as we’ll show you how to beat the Clown Boss in Sonic Superstars.

Clown Boss In Pinball Carnival Zone Act 1

The Clown will begin by juggling bombs as it floats around the stage, periodically dropping them on you to try and score a hit.

Interrupt his tomfoolery by jumping at the blue clown faces, turning them red. Once all of the faces have been turned, the clown will flip upside down and will be open for attack.

Once recovered, the Clown Boss will move to a new arena. Follow it but beware of the electricity coursing across the floor.

Repeat the previous steps, flipping the faces while dodging bombs and jumping over the electricity, until the Clown slips upside down again and becomes venerable once more.

The Clown Boss has one final phase, again in a new arena but the attacks remain the same.

For the third round you’ll need to bounce off the bumpers at either sides of the stage to reach the highest clown faces. Be sure to avoid the Clown as it’s now charged with electricity.

Once it’s safe to do so, deliver the final blow to send Pennywise to the great scrapheap in the sky.

Defeating the Clown boss reveals that it also contained this cursed looking pig…

I think it’s the human hands that give me the creeps…

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Pinball Carnival Zone Act 2

Eggman return in his flying machine for the Pinball Carnival Zone Act 2 boss battle.

Robotnik will attach bombs to one of his two spinning plates and send them your way. The bombs are easy to avoid by running away from the plate.

Once the bombs have detonated, jump onto the spinning plate and launch yourself at the evil doctor. The timing can be tricky to get right but practice makes perfect!

Dr Eggman In Pinball Carnival Zone Act 2

Dr Eggman will then summon metal spheres covered in green flames. Similar to the spinning plates, just move to the side to avoid his advances. Once he’s thrown the last of his spheres at you, jump up bash him for a free hit.

Eggman will proceed to repeat his attacks with more bombs and metal spheres.

Use the space around the arena to jump out of harms way whenever you can and wait for his spinning plate to be disarmed before jumping aboard for your counter-attack.

To end the fight against Eggman in Pinball Carnival Zone you’ll need to use both spinning plates to strike Eggman while he hides up in the top corner of the stage.

Congratulations, you’ve now learned how to beat the Dr Eggman boss in Pinball Carnival Zone Act 2!

How To Beat Electroctopus In Lagoon City Zone Act 1

The next challenger in our guide of how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars is one we’ve dubbed Electroctopus, for reasons that will become apparent as the fight progresses.

Electroctopus will begin by launching several Badniks from the top of their head. The Badniks don’t pose much of a threat if you jump on them or spin dash through them.

Electroctopus In Lagoon City Zone Act 1

The Badniks are a good distraction though as Electroctopus will charge up an electrical attack while you deal with the fodder.

Wait for Electroctopus to plunge its charged tentacle into the water and jump at the last second to avoid a nasty shock!

Electroctopus will lower itself to the ground to retrieve its stuck tentacle so use this window to score some damage on its big, blue, head.

Electroctopus will repeat its first two attacks which can be punished in the same way as above.

Once enough damage has been dealt, the boss will unleash a barrage of electric balls towards you.

Take up refuge in the corner of the screen and jump over any balls that are heading in your direction.

Wait for your adversary to plunge its tentacle back into the water so you can deal the final blow and send this water menace to Davy Jones Locker.

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Lagoon City Zone Act 2

Grab your snorkel and strap on your flippers, learning how to beat Dr Eggman in Lagoon City Zone Act 2 are going to get wet!

Eggman kicks off the fight by flooding the arena. Quickly inhale the air bubble on the right hand side before climbing to the top of the stage, avoiding Eggman’s hazardous weapons as you ascend.

Dr Eggman In Lagoon City Zone Act 2

If you have unlocked it, the Water Emerald Power can help reach the surface quickly.

Give Dr Eggman a slap once you emerge from the watery pool.

Robotnik will flood the chamber again and deploy even more traps and hazards to try and stop you.

Time your jumps to avoid the various lasers and torpedoes as you head back to the water’s surface.

Be sure to grab another air bubble to prevent Sonic from drowning. Nobody wants to hear that music start during a boss battle!

Chase Eggman further upwards until he makes bolts to a new area to the right of the screen.

Continue to dodge his projectiles while taking care to avoid drowning by collecting the air bubbles.

Use the vortexes created by the torpedoes to propel yourself high enough to reach the platforms. Once you make it the top of the stage, you’ll be able to jump into Robotnik’s contraption again.

Repeat the process once more to ruin Dr Eggman’s underwater schemes for good and move into the desert with our guide on how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars.

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Sand Sanctuary Zone Act 1

Dr Eggman In Sand Sanctuary Zone Act 1

We’ll now show you how to beat the Dr Eggman boss in Sand Sanctuary Zone Act 1.

This boss is one of the more straightforward entries on our guide of how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars, with only a few moves in its repertoire.

Eggman will begin the fight by launching stone slabs at you from a distance. These are easy enough to avoid by running side to side but you can jump over them before the moment of impact to guarantee your safety.

Keep an eye on the shaking floor slabs when Eggman disappears from view. He will reappear by drilling upwards through the shaking slabs. During this attack, stay on the slabs that aren’t shaking and jump on Eggman Eggman as soon as he drops his drill down.

Robotnik will spawn a couple of Badniks to hinder you on the slabs. The scorpion enemies must be defeated once they land but the blue Badniks can be bounced back to Dr Eggman for a free hit.

Robotnik doesn’t have many moves in this fight so keep dodging his drill attack and bouncing the blue Badniks back at him and you’ll win this battle in no time!

How To Beat Steam Monkey In Press Factory Zone Act 1

Steam Monkey In Press Factory Zone Act 1

This is the second monkey boss on our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide. In this section we’ll teach you how to beat the Steam Monkey boss in Press Factory Zone Act 1.

Steam Monkey is one of the more predictable bosses to fight in Sonic Superstars with just a few attack patterns to learn.

Steam Monkey starts the fight by calling down pistons to try and crush you. Any combination of the five pistons can attempt to crush you so watch out for which ones are pumping steam and be sure to move away so you’re not underneath them when they fire.

For the next phase of the boss fight, Steam Monkey will swing into the foreground and charge itself with electricity. It will spin towards you up to three times so give yourself room to evade the attack and jump over or run under Steam Monkey if it gets too close.

Once Steam Monkey’s electricity has worn off, it will be vulnerable to attack so launch your own offence spin dash or jump strike.

Steam Monkey will return to the background and start pulling the pistons down on you again. Dodge the incoming pistons as before.

The final move in Steam Monkey’s arsenal is to return to the foreground and launch an array of electric spheres at you. Take your time to jump and dodge the spheres while moving closer to the simian scoundrel.

You’ll need to get close enough to deliver the final blow and K.O this Kong wannabe.

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Press Factory Zone Act 2

Dr Eggman In Press Factory Zone Act 2

After making your way through the Press Factory Zone you’ll once again come face to face with Robotnik and his latest hedgehog crushing machine.

At the start of the fight jump up onto the metal crate to your left. Eggman will slam his column down with enough force to bounce you into the air, at which point you can push to the right and land a cheeky hit on the top of his head.

Dr Eggman will then switch to firing electric balls at you. Simply jump between them to avoid taking damage and losing your rings.

When Eggman crouches down, get ready to run underneath him as he launches himself into the air. Be prepared to jump into his back as soon as he lands for satisfying hit.

The doctor will repeat his attack patterns as you continue to deal damage to him.

Watch out for when he returns to the centre of the arena as he will slam his column down and generate two waves of electricity that pulse across the floor. Time your jumps to avoid the highest peaks of each wave to prevent any dramas.

Now that you’ve learned how to beat Dr Eggman in Press Factory Zone Act 2, repeat the steps and the evil genius will explode before fleeing the stage.

How To Beat Piggy Bank In Golden Capital Zone Act 1

Piggy Bank In Golden Capital Zone Act 1

This golden oinker robs you of all of your hard earned rings by sniffing them out of you at the beginning of the fight. This makes the Piggy Bank unique on in our guide of how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars as the only one that’s actually a confirmed pickpocket!

As soon as you have control back, run to your left. Keep running along the curved walls and the stage will rotate around you. The Piggy Bank will be hot on your heels so keep running to escape as one hit at this stage will see you restarting the battle.

After one circuit of the arena the Piggy Bank’s pink lid will fly open and dispense a series of floating pig bombs. The bombs have a short fuse and will flash red moments before they explode so take care not to be next to them when they do.

If the Piggy Bank stops running at any point, be ready to change direction and run away from it. Jumping into the Piggy Bank’s nose will bounce you away and give you enough momentum for a quick about-face.

Piggy Bank’s snout will now fire a giant golden laser. Keep running until you’re underneath the pig’s pink lid and give it a good whack as you go past.

The force of the impact will cause several rings to be released so try to grab them if you can.

The Piggy Bank will continue to charge around the arena unleashing pig bombs and laser blasts as it goes.

After sustaining enough damage, Piggy Bank will summon an array of blue spheres to protect itself. Jump into the spheres to make them pop and disappear.

Use the gaps you create in its defenses to deliver the final blow to the pink lid and send this piggy off to market.

How To Beat Fang The Hunter In Golden Capital Zone Act 2

Fang The Hunter In Golden Capital Zone Act 2

This is one of the longest fights to appear in our guide for how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars.

The boss fight against Fang The Hunter sees you riding aboard a floating platform as you move through a forge, and later, a factory.

Fang’s opening gambit will see him launching three waves of fireballs towards you. Keep your distance and steer your platform through the gaps in the waves before landing a hit on Fang.

He’ll then use lasers to summon fiery columns from above and below. Watch where Fang’s laser beams land and position your platform out of harms way.

After landing enough hits on Fang he will retreat back into the factory while his ride gets pimped with new gadgets.

Steer your platform through this section, collecting any floating rings you see and avoiding the flamethrowers and buckets of molten metal.

When you emerge on the other side of the factory, Fang will rejoin the fight and start to use the new weaponry strapped to his ship.

He will begin by firing off a triple laser blast after spinning the lasers around his ship for a second or two. Use his showboating time to your advantage and line yourself up with Fang to score a hit on him.

Fang will rally again with a ring of blue, hexagonal disks floating around him.

Move your platform into the corner of the screen and wait for Fang’s disks to turn red and fire outwards. Being in the corners will give you the best chance of dodging this attack without too much trouble.

One the coast is clear, fly up to Fang and jump on him.

Unsatisfied with his previous gadget upgrades, Fang returns to the factory once more for additional armaments. As before, steer your platform through the fire and flames of the factory and pick up any rings you see.

Once Fang returns, he’ll be in the background and fire a barrage of rockets into the stage.

Pilot away from the reticles to avoid a direct hit but be mindful that the rocket impacts will cause bits of debris to fall into the stage, dealing damage if you’re under them.

Fang will show off his souped-up lasers with his next attack. Position your platform slightly below him so you can jump into the gap between the beams and hit Fang before the lasers can cause you any issues.

The last thing you need to know about how to beat Fang The Hunter in Sonic Superstars is his final attack.

This is a modified version of his hexagon plate attack from earlier but Fang now also fires an array of small fireballs at the same time. The strategy applies so retreat to the corners of the screen and wait for Fang to fling his disks at you.

Once all the hazards have been dispersed you can fly into position to deliver the final hit.

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Cyber Station Zone Act 1

Dr Eggman In Cyber Station Zone Act 1

Beating Dr Eggman in Cyber Station Zone Act 1 will feel familiar to anyone that’s fought against Metal Sonic in Sonic CD or Sonic Mania.

The fight commences with Robotnik chasing you while firing a consistent stream of deadly voxels onto the ground, erasing the floor.

His robotic minion will zip around like Metal Sonic used to, throwing balls of electricity at you that travel across the screen while moving up and down. Use your pace to avoid the balls.

The robot will then start to charge back and forth across the bottom of the screen, starting on the left and charging to the right hand side. Run quickly to the right after it charges for the third time and jump onto its head for an easy hit.

The droid will repeat its attack pattern one more time before summoning a mech suit to fire lasers at you.

The laser beams themselves don’t cause any damage but the fiery voxels on the ground will do. The robot will crisscross the lasers so make sure to jump at the point they intersect in the middle to avoid taking damage.

The mech will fly to the left of the screen before charging you. Simply wait for the assault before jumping over it and landing your own counterattack.

After another round of attacks and counters, the robot will crash into Eggman taking the pair of them out. Unfortunately, this is some elaborate ruse and the next boss phase begins as soon as you step on the goal capsule.

Good thing we’re here with our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide, eh?

Robotnik returns with his ship now mounted in the head of a giant robot. Resume running to the right and avoid the mini robots as they charge at you. Their attacks can easily be avoided by dodging their aiming reticules.

One Dr Eggman and his robot mount move to the background, they will begin to fire lasers in front of you. The lasers will summon Badniks or destroy parts of the pathway so be prepared to do a lot of jumping.

After a short time, the pair will move back towards the foreground and the giant robot will start to destroy the stage with its hand. This is your opportunity to jump backwards and hit Dr Eggman’s ship. This will cause the robot to reset and repeat its attacks.

Be patient and wait for your chance to hit Dr Eggman two more times to bring this fight to a satisfying conclusion.

How To Beat Terrordactyl In Froze Base Zone Act 1

Dr Eggman In Cyber Station Zone Act 1

This is another boss in our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide that requires you to continuously run while the stage disappears behind you.

Terrordactyl’s is one of Sonic Superstars’ deadliest foes, not because its attacks are particularly potent, but that any of its attacks can knock you backwards into the abyss.

Throughout the fight you should make use of the blue conveyor belts that will push you forwards and try to avoid the red conveyor belts that will slow you down.

Terrordactyl’s first attack sees it launch giant ice cube bombs towards you. You can’t attack the boss at this point so get onto the higher levels and jump whenever you see the ice cubes come towards you.

The bombs will get stuck on the ground but if you jump when the ice cubes are in mid-air then you should be able to clear the danger without issue.

Terrordactyl will then move to the upper right hand side of the screen and propel several bird enemies at you.

Either destroy these Badniks as they appear or rush Terrordactyl and strike him before the enemies can circle back and hit you.

In the final stages of the boss fight against Terrordactyl, the boss will summon three giant electric balls.

Avoid the targets the will form the centre of the balls and keep running.

Continue to dodge Terrordactyl’s attacks while always pushing towards the right hand side of the screen.

Be sure to use the Emerald Powers if you are struggling. Slow can help navigate the conveyor belts and the electrical balls and Avatar is fantastic at scoring a hit when you’re out of range.

How To Beat Dr Eggman In Froze Base Zone Act 2

Dr Eggman In Froze Base Zone Act 2

Fans of R-type rejoice as Sonic joyrides in Dr Eggman’s ship for this space battle. This battle is so straightforward that we considered whether to feature it in our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide at all!

Dr Eggman has chosen to commence this battle aboard a giant dustbin and that’s suitable as his attacks in this fight are totally rubbish.

Hold the fire button throughout the entirety of this fight. In the first phase you simply need to avoid Eggman’s small green projectiles by steering your ship with the left analogue stick.

Keep your aim locked onto the hatch the projectiles appear from and eventually Eggman’s bin will explode.

In the next phase Robotnik will be inside a giant version of his own head. He will summon metal shields to surround him but your continuous firepower will slowly chip away at the health of the circling green orbs.

Eggman does also drop small fireballs from above during this fight but they are easy to steer around and pose little threat.

Continue blasting away at the green orbs until they are all gone and the fight is won.

How To Beat Death Egg Robot In Egg Fortress Zone Act 2

Death Egg Robot In Egg Fortress Zone Act 2

And so we reach the climactic battle of the main story.

The Death Egg Robot boss will stand in the centre of the arena and launch missiles at you. Run around the outside of the boss and look out for the larger blue bombs that Eggman has launched.

Try to get behind the giant mech and jump into the blue bombs to return them back at Robotnik.

In between volleys of missiles, The Death Egg Robot will attack you with a smattering of electrical balls or a giant orange shield that pules outwards. These attacks are clearly telegraphed so keep yourself moving quickly to prevent losing any rings.

Once you’ve returned four blue bombs to the back of Eggman’s head it’s time to move onto the second phase of the fight.

The Death Egg Robot will now move to the left hand side of the screen and continually destroy the ground there as it marches towards you.

Look out for when Robotnik slams both of his mech fists down onto the ground, leaving his head open for a swift counterattack.

In between Eggman’s fisticuffs, he’ll occasionally disable gravity and send you floating into the air. Don’t panic when this happens and confidently glide between the electric balls he dispenses.

Resume running away from the Death Egg Robot once you’re back on the ground.

Dr Eggman will randomly switch to firing beams from three emitters on his chest. They will flash a few times before firing a lethal blast and only the bottom beam is likely to cause you any grief.

Stay calm and execute a big jump moments before the bottom beam fires to avoid having to restart this lengthy battle.

Robotnik’s final and most devastating moves happens when re lowers his arms to the ground and spins them violently around him. Getting caught by this attack will likely see you restarting the fight so do everything you can to stay out of range to the right while this attack unfolds.

Continue jumping onto the head of the Death Egg Robot whenever it tilts towards you. Using the Avatar Emerald Power can help deal multiple hits at once and the Slow Emerald Power can help get ahead of some of Robotnik’s my fiendish folies.

Once you’ve nailed six hits against the Death Egg Robot, it’ll be game over for Dr Eggman and one more step towards the end of our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide.

How To Beat Fang The Hunter/Death Fang Robot in Egg Fortress Zone Act 2

Reaching the end of Trip’s campaign will see the shy Sungazer go toe-to-toe with Fang in this final battle. The battle with Fang is perhaps the most challenging in the game and you may grow to hate this tricky boss, despite his Dodo approved paintjob.

Taking place in the same arena that you fought the Death Egg Robot, the floor now undulates up and down meaning you must use your momentum to your advantage.

Fang begins the fight aboard his ship and will fire a volley of missiles towards you. Keep running in one direction and use the bumps in the floor to gain extra height when jumping over the rockets.

Fang will proceed to launch laser traps that spin towards you. Take great care to avoid the pink lasers as touching one is game over. After the last trap has passed by safely, you can close the gap on Fang and jump on him for a hit.

Fang The Hunter/Death Fang Robot in Egg Fortress Zone Act 2

The final attack that Fang administers in this phase sees him section off a portion of the track with the pink lasers and summon several ghostly clones.

Pay attention to where the real Fang is positioned and try to jump up and hit him when his ship descends.

After you’re dealt enough damage to Fang, his ship will explode but he’ll return inside the Death Fang Robot.

Similarly to the first phase against the Death Egg Robot, you’ll need to return Fang’s projectiles to him while he’s facing away from you.

He will open his mouth to fire out a horde of motobug like Badniks for you to parry back towards him when they jump at you.

Watch out for the targeting reticles when Fang flies backwards into the arena. He will fire three blue webs in a triangular pattern. These webs don’t harm you but will stop you in your tracks.

If you get caught hammer the jump button immediately to break free.

Fang’s follow up attack after the webs sees the Death Fang Robot fire giant corks at you and getting hit by one is an instant death.

The Death Egg Robot will occasionally launch a barrage of barrels from it’s shoulder pads. Once these barrels descend they will split open and reveal bouncing bombs.

Just like the Badniks before, bounce the green bombs back towards Fang while he has his back turned.

Fang’s final strike is telegraphed by his nose cone flashing yellow. Shortly afterwards he will slam both fists into the ground, destroying sections of the walkway and then proceed to smash his face through the centre of the remaining area.

To avoid the maelstrom of chaos here takes careful positioning so line yourself up between the head and the shoulder of the Death Fang Robot and punish him by jumping on his head after his tantrum.

Continue to exploit his openings and you’ll eventually send Fang crashing down.

With Fang defeated it just leaves one final boss on our how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars guide.

How To Beat The Final Boss Great Dark Dragon In Sonic Superstars

Before we tell you how to beat the Great Dark Dragon, the true final boss of Sonic Superstars, we need to tell you how to unlock this fight.

To gain access to ‘The Last Story’ on the main menu you’ll need to complete both the original story mode and Trip’s story mode in addition to finding all of the Chaos Emeralds.

If you’re struggling with that last requirement then we have you covered with our guide on how to find all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Superstars.

Final Boss Great Dark Dragon In Sonic Superstars

All powered up? Great! This is a long fight and the most important tip we can give you is to focus on the rings! Prioritise collecting rings throughout the entire fight as the majority of the Great Dark Dragon’s attacks can’t damage you while you’re Super.

As Super Sonic (or any of the other Super friends), your ring count will drop every second. If you reach zero rings then you’ll drop from the sky and have to start the fight over.

Rings will randomly fall from the sky throughout the fight with the Great Dark Dragon but also keep a lookout for your friends flying across the skies and leaving a trail of lifesaving rings behind them.

One final thing to note when it comes to rings is that using the dash ability will rapidly deplete your ring count. When in a Super state you will move very quickly so dash should only be used if you get caught in one of the Great Dark Dragon’s blackholes.

Now we all know how to survive this fight, we’ll tell you how to beat the true final boss of Sonic Superstars.

The Great Dark Dragon will open the fight by shooting fireballs into the air. Avoid the red ones as they fall towards you but move yourself under any columns of blue light you see so you can deflect the blue fireballs back at him.

The Dragon has two other attacks in this phase. One where he will fill the screen with blue crystals. You can fly through the crystals to smash them but they will eventually turn red and stun you slightly.

The other attack will see the Great Dark Dragon charge at you and flip the action horizontally. You need to fly to the right and into the chest of the dragon to deal damage and end this phase while avoiding the blackholes that he summons.

If you get caught in a blackhole then dash out of it immediately to avoid a game over.

After a little while the Great Dark Dragon will start to spin dash towards you from off screen. Look for the purple hue from the edges of the screen to work out where he will appear next.

Keep hitting him with the blue fireballs and flying into his chest until he goes into his second phase and sports some funky neon tribal tatts.

Continue to fly around the sky hoovering up rings whenever you can. Fly through the centre of the giant neon blue doughnuts that the Great Dark Dragon shoots at you. Don’t stress if they hit as they only push you around the screen.

During this phase the Great Dark Dragon’s neon hand swipes can be dodged and hit back at him for an easy hit.

His blackhole attack has now been replaced by fireballs so fly to the top of the screen to bait his volleys before quickly diving into his chest to damage him.

Before long the Great Dark Dragon will launch a series of five meteors at you. You must tap the jump button when the outer, receding circle overlaps the inner circle to parry the meteor back at him.

This is one of the hardest parts of the fight but focus on the circles and your timing. You need to hit all five meteors back at him before he unleashes his final laser breath move.

Fly around quickly to avoid the laser breath before finally nailing the final hit against this winged monstrosity.

You did! With the Great Dark Dragon defeated you can kick back and enjoy the final cutscenes.

We hope you found our guide on how to beat every boss in Sonic Superstars useful. Some of the bosses in this game will surely enter into the hardest Sonic bosses of all time list!

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