How Many Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World?

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Come with us on a journey through the Sprixie Kingdom as we take a look at just how many Worlds there are in Super Mario 3D World!

When Super Mario 3D World was released in 2013, it was an instant classic – and became an absolutely unmissable addition to the Wii U’s small software library (check it out on our Best Wii U Games and Best Mario Games lists!).

The only problem was that the Wii U didn’t exactly set the sales charts alight – meaning that many gamers missed out on playing the excellent Mario title.

Thankfully, Nintendo brought the game to a wider audience with the re-release of Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch – with a bonus campaign, Bowser’s Fury, also added, along with some enhancements to the base game too (with the Switch version featuring on our best Mario Multiplayer games list and our Best Nintendo Switch Games list too!).

Both the original Super Mario 3D World and the Switch version with Bowser’s Fury have some incredibly inventive and varied levels, set across numerous themed worlds. Just how many Worlds are there though? 

How Many Worlds Are Available In Super Mario 3D World?

How Many Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World - World 6 Gameplay

There are eight Worlds in Super Mario World – at least until you finish the main story, at which point an extra four Worlds become available. That’s 12 Worlds in total!

What Standard Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World?

We weren’t kidding when we said it was varied – there’s the grassy green lands of World 1, desert-themed World 2, snow-covered World 3, the mountainous World 4, the purple beaches of World 5, sky-high clouds of World 6, the lava filled battlements of Castle World and the amusement park-esque surroundings of World Bowser. And that’s without even going into the bonus Worlds…

What Bonus Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World?

Once you’ve completed World Bowser and used the rocket in World 1 to get there, you can access the intergalactic World Star. 

If you clear Cosmic Cannon Cluster in World Star, you’ll then be able to reach World Mushroom. 

Clear Broken Blue Bully Belt in World Mushroom and you can access World Flower.

Finally, there’s World Crown – the smallest World in the game with only four stages. This one’s a bit tougher to access!

How To Unlock World Crown In Super Mario 3D World?

If you want to get into World Crown, you may well have your work cut out for you – not only will you need to collect every single Green Star and Stamp in the game, but you’ll also have to have collected the Golden Flag by reaching the top of the flag pole in every level too!

How Many Stages Are There In Bowser’s Fury?

Of course, if you’re playing Super Mario 3D World on Switch, you can also make your way through the game’s DLC: Bowser’s Fury. In Bowser’s Fury, you’ll explore Lake Lapcat, which has three regions – each with its own set of four stages, making an extra twelve stages in total.

Are There Any Bonus Stages To Unlock In Bowser’s Fury?

How Many Worlds Are There In Super Mario 3D World - Bonus stages

There is one: Lucky Isle. This will appear as a floating island above Lake Lapcat once the main story of Bowser’s Fury has been completed.

So there you have it – not only does that cover all of the Worlds in Super Mario 3D World, but also those found in Bowser’s Fury too. And if you are making your way through the Sprixie Kingdom to work your way towards Crown World yourself – good luck!

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