Catch Up On The History Of Tekken… With Brian Cox!

Succession actor Brian Cox grapples with the history of the Tekken series in the latest video from Bandai Namco.

The five minute video, embedded below, sees the veteran thespian take a trip down Tekken’s memory lane and provide a primer for new players ahead of the impending launch of Tekken 8 on the 26th January 2024.

Mr. Cox explores the main narrative thread through the thirty year history of the series, with a focus on the father and son battles between legendary Tekken combatants Heichachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima, as well as Kazuya’s ongoing feud with his own son, Jin Kazama.

Of particular amusement is how Brian Cox deftly covers the ongoing trend of throwing defeated family members from clifftops or into volcanoes. It’s a strange history of family affairs in Tekken but Brian Cox handles it with class and dignity.

The Right Man For The Job

Tekken 8 screengrab - history of Tekken with Brian Cox

Brian Cox is the perfect choice of actor to front the ‘Story so Far’ video and the history of Tekken. The actor has most recently starred as the head of the Roy family in Succession, and fans of the show will know his character has a complex relationship with his own offspring.

We’re waiting with feverish anticipation for the Tekken 8 to launch at the end of the month. We’ve previously gone hands on with the game and have been impressed by the fluidity of the gameplay, the raft of available modes and the striking visuals, courtesy of Unreal Engine 5.

I’ve been so excited in fact that I’ve already taken a deep dive into the extensive roster of fighters that will appear in Tekken 8.

With his expert recital of the history of the Tekken series, I’ve officially started the campaign to get Brian Cox in Tekken 8 as a DLC fighter. Who’s with me!

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