Exciting New Line of Street Fighter Keyboards Coming From Higround

Higround Street Fighter II Keyboards

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Higround has just announced the launch of new limited edition Street Fighter keyboards and desk mats to get your workspace looking absolutely awesome.

Higround’s limited edition premium mechanical keyboards are known for sporting some of the coolest retro game and anime artwork.

And we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on some of their products in the past, like the Sonic & Dreamcast Mechanical Keyboards.

To see Higround once again collaborate with a retro game franchise is just perfection.

And not just any retro game, one of the absolute best 2D fighting games of all time.

Street Fighter II Turbo took the number one spot on that list, so you know we absolutely love our Street Fighter at Retro Dodo.

Let’s take a closer look at this new limited edition series from Higround.

Street Fighter Mechanical Keyboards

Higround Street Fighter II Keyboards
Image Source: Higround

The Street Fighter “Akuma” Summit 65 keyboard is the premium flagship 65% keyboard from Higround.

This is their superior quality CNC aluminum case and beautifully printed keycaps.

The Summit 65 keyboards also feature south-facing RGB lighting behind the keys, and RGB side lights as well. The on-board lighting effects are fully customizable.

The blue version of the “Akuma” Summit 65 is available in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Higround Street Fighter II Keyboards
Red “Akuma” Summit 65 // Japan Exclusive // Image Source: Higround

The limited red edition of the “Akuma” Summit 65 will be released exclusively in Japan. So lucky for you Japanese followers!

As the name (and graphic) suggests, these aluminum keyboards feature an awesome image of Akuma, who made his debut appearance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo back in 1994.

Higround Street Fighter II Keyboards
Image Source: Higround

Akuma is also featured in Higround’s limited edition Street Fighter Basecamp 65 line.

The Basecamp 65 keyboard is also a 65% keyboard that features customizable RGB lighting behind the keys.

But these are the compact ABS frame line from Higround for those who like a more slimline appearance.

Also featured is a fight scene between Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as a pretty wild montage of a bunch of our favorite fighters from Street Fighter II.

With so many amazing options, it’s gonna be tough to choose which keyboard is the best. And I’m praying that Higround sends us a few to review. *wink wink*

Street Fighter Desk Mats

Higround Street Fighter II Desk Mats
Image Source: Higround

If you’ve got one of these premium Higround X Street Fighter keyboards on your desk, why not finish off the scene with a premium desk mat as well?

Higround also has three XL sized desk mats at 90x40cm with unique Street Fighter graphics. Each more awesome than the next.

We’ve got Guile’s air force base stage, Ryu VS Chun-Li, and the full Street Fighter II cast.

Once again, how the heck do you choose which is the best here?

Purchasing Information

Previous limited edition Higround collections have sold out in literally minutes. So you’re absolutely going to want to make plans to be ready at launch.

Pre-orders are set to officially launch on the Higround website on April 19th.

If we’ve understood the time announcements correctly, that should be 12 PM Pacific Time for US buyers, 9 PM CET for Europe, and 4 AM (April 20) JST in Japan.

Set your alarms, people! You’re not gonna want to miss this!

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