Gundam Wing And Higround Join Up To Make Stunning New Keyboard Line

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Yes, you read that right; Gundam Wing and Higround have joined forces to create a brand new keyboard line dedicated to the epic Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series.

Just soak that up a little bit before carrying on… how amazing is that!

Lifestyle and gaming accessory brand Higround have collaborated with the mighty Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc and created something incredibly special. They’ve combined the brilliance of Higround’s keyboard range, a favourite of developers and modes everywhere, and included swish designs from the Gundam Wing franchise.

And you know what, this could the be keyboard collar of the year!

Let’s take a look at the three products below and get a feel of what to expect from the union of these two mighty companies!

Checking Out The Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection From Higround

Higround’s Summit 65 is made for creators. This collaboration is more than just a fancy keyboard; it combines both the creator’s and the community’s love for building into one unique product.

Those that build Gundam models and those that build keyboards can unite to assemble a product that, while not bearing the power of a highly-weaponised Mecha suit, definitely has some exciting features.

Higround’s Collaboration with Bandai Namco sees three keyboards entering the fray; two Basecamp 65 boards and the ever-popular Summit 65 flagship keyboard that has made the company such a favoured name amongst the gaming community.

And for those that like to collect unique pieces like these, each keyboard frame has a different keycap design.

The Basecamp 65

Gundam Wing and Higround - Basecamp white design

Here’s where we start to get technical.

The two Basecamp 65 boards available as part of the Gundam Wing and Higround series come with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a Higround product.

We’re talking dual-silicone dampening foam and hotswappable PCB, as well as pre-lubed linear TTC White Flame switches.

As you might guess from the name, the Basecamp is designed to be accessible for every type of gamer and an affordable entry into the keyboard building market.

And, while they might not be as fancy as the Summit 65, each keyboard has a individual serial number on the back to make them truly unique.

The Summit 65

Gundam Wing and Higround - Summit 65

The boss of the collection is the Gundam Wing x Higround Summit 65 set, boasting an even fancier design than the Basecamp and a special set of attributes that make it one of the most sought after keyboards in the gaming world.

Make the most of exclusive keycaps, aluminium frame, and super-light linear typing to keep those fingers fresh and nimble when gaming over long periods.

It also has the second version of the very first graphic switch. If that isn’t enough to make you want to buy it, then I don’t know what is!

With a weighted brass medallion on the keyboards back, customisable lightening effects, and one of the most exquisite and nerdalicious designs I’ve seen on a keyboard in a long time, this Summit 65 is definitely on my Christmas wish list!

How To Get Hold Of The Gundam Wing And Higround Keyboard Collaboration

Anyone looking to add a Basecamp 65 keyboard into their collection can head to the Higround website and place an order now.

If you’re opting for the Summit 65, however, then pre-orders start on December 9th at 12 PM PT. That’s 8 PM GMT for any English readers hoping to bag one of these Gundam Wing pieces.

Are you excited about this phenomenal collaboration? Let us know which keyboard is on your list over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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