GuliKit Reveals SNES Themed Dock For Switch & Steam Deck

GuliKit Dock

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GuliKit has just announced a brand new SNES-themed digital dock that supports the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Ayaneo consoles.

With the options for handheld gaming devices growing exponentially, and our own private collections growing out of control…

Management of accessories like cords and docks almost becomes a part-time job in itself.

Knowing we can have one great looking retro-themed dock for all of our gaming devices is awesome news.

GuliKit Dock

GuliKit Dock
Image Source: GuliKit

As we can see from GuliKit’s announcement, this new dock will support a wide range of gaming devices.

Upon first glance, you’d immediately notice the Super Nintendo (SNES) theme, and assume it’s probably for the Switch.

And you’d be correct in that assumption, but that’s not all this thing can do.

The new GuliKit dock also supports the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Ayaneo game consoles.

So it seems like any digital device with a USB-C input on the bottom likely works with this setup.

GuliKit Dock
Image Source: GuliKit

On the rear of the dock, we can see a ton of useful ports for all of your digital gaming needs.

There’s a USB-C out, AC input, three USB inputs, an HDMI out, and LAN input.

This is everything you’d need to connect your device and send its signal out to your display, and also to accept internet and peripherals in.


GuliKit Dock
Image Source: GuliKit

Obviously, the awesome retro theme of the new GuliKit dock is right up our alley.

And with the SNES being my second favorite home console of all time (the Switch is number one), this is a perfect choice for me.

When your GuliKit dock is not in use, there is even a dust cover that gives the full SNES effect. *chef’s kiss*

The GuliKit dock has not yet been added to their website, so we don’t know pricing or release date yet.

They just announced the new product at Gamescon 2023 yesterday.

Once we hear more info, we will update our readers here. So check back to find out more.

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