Grid Studios Reveals New XBOX Duke Controller Frame

grid studio xbox duke frame

If you’re an avid Retro Dodo reader, you’ll know we’re big fans of Grid Studio‘s retro frames.

They’re unique ways to show off your love of gaming, with used and broken hardware being used like taxidermy that you can hang on your wall.

I personally have a few of them dotted around my office still to this day.

Grid Studios have been on a roll recently with their new announcement, but one that has really tickled my fancy is their new upcoming XBOX Duke Controller frame that was revealed today.

Xbox Duke will continue the brand’s consistent exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design concepts, allowing you to reminisce about the best original Xbox games every time you look at it.

xbox duke frame close up

It is based on the original classic Xbox handle, and through the dismantling and mounting process of Grid Studio, it is skillfully integrated into the unique drawing design to create a unique photo frame artwork.

We are very excited to introduce Xbox Duke. As one of the classics in the gaming world, Xbox Duke represents the memories and love of many people. Through our unique framing process, we hope to bring this emotion and The aesthetic translates into a beautiful piece of art that brings gaming glamor and retro flair to any home or office space.

– Founders of Grid Studio

Grid Studio has always been committed to giving new life and value to old equipment.

Their team carefully selects and disassembles classic mobile phones such as the iPhone and Nokia, as well as consoles such as the Game Boy, combining elements of them with meticulously designed drawings

Each piece of work is a perfect combination of technology and art, showing the beauty of the intersection of the past and the present.

The launch of Xbox Duke will further expand Grid Studio’s product line, bringing more choices for game lovers and art collectors.

More than a unique decorative piece, this framed artwork is a tribute to gaming history and classic equipment, with a neat twist to pimp your games room.

Out of the 4 frames I have, there hasn’t been one that’s had a piece come off of the backboard, and I’ve had them for years!

We get asked that a lot, and can confirm, the quality is great.

The Xbox Duke Controller Frame will retail for $169.99 and go on sale as of today.

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