Games Like Mario Party To Play With Friends & Family

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If you’re bored of playing Mazza’s board game titles, then you’ll need this list of the best games like Mario Party!

Mario Party, like pretty much everything Nintendo touch, is a tour de force. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played Mario Party 4 over the years, or how many occasions I’ve made the noise that MC Ballyhoo makes in Mario Party 8.

I’ve loved that series ever since the first N64 game, but there comes a time where we all need a change.

There are some other games out there that take influence from Mario’s dice-rolling adventure, but how good are they?

Let’s check out the best games like Mario Party below so you can see for yourself!

1. WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2006)

Wario Ware Smooth Moves Game Case Wii
image credit: nintendo

The results are in, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes the top spot in this list of the best games like Mario Party.

Ok, I know it doesn’t have a board, but it’s one of the best Nintendo Wii Party games and one of may all time favourite multiplayer games of all time too.

The sheer speed of this game is unreal. Compete against your mates playing games that last between 3 and 5 seconds, most of the time just guessing what to do before the time runs out.

warioware smooth moves
image credit: nintendo

I’ve never laughed more playing a video game. Use the Wiimote to get into the theme of each mini game; saw, swat, shoot, and loads of other verbs that don’t begin with ‘s’ too.

If you’re looking for couch co-op games to play with the family and to channel that same group-fun feel that Mazza Party brings, then Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, and in fact any Wario Ware game, will keep you occupied for hours.

2. Rabbids: Party Of Legends (2021)

Rabbids Party of Legends Game Case Switch
image credit: ubisoft

The Rabbids know how to party alright, and they’re showing us how it’s done in Rabbids: Party Of Legends!

Fancy a trip to ancient China and some mad challenges at the same time?

Those pesky long-eared menaces have scattered a load of scriptures a priest has gathered for Buddha, and now you have to find each and every one of them.

Why can’t they stay out of trouble for 2 minutes!

rabbids party legends
image credit: ubisoft

The Rabbids are relentless, however, and will aid you in your mission to sort their mistake out.

These mini games are so mad; eat chillies, ride fireworks, and hone your skills in all manner of mini games as you find those scrolls!

Play multiplayer or tackle the adventure mode; it’s fun no matter how you play. Though, we shouldn’t expect anything less from a Rabbids title!

3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2020)

fall Guys Ultimate Knock Out Game Art
image credit: fall guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout takes the 3rd spot in our list of games like Mario Party.

This is what happens when the Mario Party mini game formula is stolen and mixed with steroids and a bunch of other performance enhancing drug.

It’s like a panic attack speeded up, and is so colourful that it makes my eyes hurt.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly hard to put down once you start playing.

fall guys gameplay
image credit: fall guys

Why do so many people love this game?

I think because it’s so non threatening, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout appeals to anyone and everyone. Ok, you’ve got to have the reflexes of a robotic cheetah to win, but anyone can ‘have a bash’ at it.

There are loads of different games, though the fact that so many people play at the same time makes it incredibly stressful at times (or more truthfully all the time).

The main premise it so get to the end of different obstacle courses, playing as characters in different costumes.

Bounce, slide, bash, jump, and soar towards the finish line. Moving forward isn’t the hard part; it’s the other cretins you’re playing with and against that make it difficult.

4. Cake Bash (2020)

Cake Bash game case
image credit: xbox

Cake Bash features more mini game mayhem, though this time with little baked goods.

Your mission; to become the tastiest cake.

Wait, that doesn’t sound like winning… it sounds like a crumby death!

This four player party title sees players picking the perfect cake for competing in every-day scenarios, though with bizarre games.

cake bash gameplay
image credit: xbox

Ok, cooking s’mores isn’t too weird, but covering yourself in sprinkles and jumping into a fruit pie is a bit mad, right?

This is an extremely funny game and beautifully made too. With so many modes and types of games to play, it’s got the same kind of replay power that Wario Ware has.

Will you be the last flan standing, or will you be a pasty pastry crumbling in the gutter?

5. Muppets Party Cruise (2003)

Games Like Mario Party - Muppets Party Cruise game case
image credit: tdk

No one loves the Muppets more than me, not even descendants of Jim Henson. That’s why Muppets Party Cruise takes the 5th spot in this list of the best games like Mario Party.

Essentially, this game is Mario Party with Muppets, which in theory is the only way Mario Party could ever get any better.

The game isn’t a patch on Mazza’s outing however, so Yoshi and co can chill for the time being.

image credit: tdk

Win mini games to unlock party favours. The player with the most party favours wins, and those favours can be spent for more mini games.

When enough favours are collected, the Muppets get to play on a new game board.

This game came out for the PS2 and the GameCube, though the latter only dropped in the US.

Muppets Party Cruise is well worth a play if you’ve (temporarily) exhausted the Mario Party franchise.

6. Hasbro Family Fun Pack (2015)

Games Like Mario Party - Hasbro Family Fun Pack PS4 game case

Speaking of Hasbro and their world-famous property game, let’s check out the Hasbro Family Fun Pack!

This 6th entry in our games like Mario Party article is a 4-in-1 affair! Play epic board games Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live, Boggle, and Monopoly Plus!

That’s right; Monopoly Plus. It’s a virtual world where the neighbourhoods all look different and have different things going on in them.

Though essentially, it’s still the same game we all know and love.

hasbro family fun pack ps4

This game has scored highly because of the fact that it comes with a board as part of the gameplay, and that’s the main premise of Mario Party.

Ok, it comes with with four boards if we’re being pedantic.

And, Risk is one of my favourite board games of all time. Nintendo haven’t made a themed version of Risk yet, and it would undoubtedly be more brutal than Mario Party.

Still, I think the tactics my Mum implements when we play Super Mario Party would be well suited to Risk.

If you’re reading this, Mum, don’t ever play Risk, ok? I want to keep wining for as long as I can!

7. Fortune Street (2011)

Games Like Mario Party - Fortune Street Wii Game Case
image credit: nintendo

Fortune Street might as well be called ‘Mario Party Clone’. If you’ve ever wished that Monopoly had the Nintendo treatment and featured loads of gaming characters, then your wish has finally come true!

We’ve also got some of the characters from the best Dragon Quest games in this title too. It’s a bona fide famous face fest if ever I saw one!

image credit: nintendo

So, it’s like Monopoly but isn’t a carbon copy.

Or at least that’s what Nintendo are saying incase Hasbro come a’knocking.

The aim of the game is to buy properties, develop them, purchase stocks, and hoard money.

Ok, so we all know it’s like Monopoly, but at least I’ve got more of a chance of playing this game with people on Christmas Day!

The rules change in different circumstances; sometimes having the most stocks and money isn’t enough, and the winner is only crowned when everyone else has gone bankrupt!

8. 1-2-Switch (2017)

Games Like Mario Party - 1-2-Switch game case
image credit: nintendo

1-2-Switch takes the next spot in our best games like Mario Party!

So I’ll admit, this game was a little short lived. The game ideas were exciting enough and fun to play, but it’s not got the staying power that Mario Party has.

There’s hasn’t been a 1-2-Switch 3… or a 1-2-3-Switch… you know what I mean!

1 2 switch gameplay
image credit: nintendo

Wii Sports showed us what the Wiimote could do, and 1-2-Switch showed off how proud Ninty were of the Joycon.

Use it to milk a cow, sword fight, shoot, and count small balls via the advanced controller rumble.

It’s a bit of fun to play with friends and definitely captures the Mario Party spirit, albeit without the board and via mini games only.

9. Wii Party (2010)

Wii Party game case
image credit: nintendo

Any game with ‘Party’ in its title is going to channel some of those Mario Party vibes. It’s the reason why every console copied Mario Kart when it became such a popular phenomenon.

Wii Party brings 80 games for players to tackle, either teaming up or fighting against each other in true Mario Party minigame-style action.

image credit: nintendo

Listen; making Miis was one of the best bits of the Wii. It’s why we all have the Mii Plaza music stuck in our heads to this very day.

Now, you and three mates or family members can play golf, chop veg, and tonnes of other weird and wonderful actions together as you fight to be the ruler of Board Game island.

That’s a crown that I’d quite like to own. I wonder if it’s shaped like a dice?

10. The Game Of Life 2 (2020)

Games Like Mario Party - The game of life 2

Let’s kick things off with the The Game Of Life 2, a board game many of you might have played on Christmas Morning or a rainy day.

Like the board game, this virtual version comes with a spinner and a whole bunch of possibilities for you to live different lives.

Where will you live? What job will you have?

There are so many choices too; from robotics engineer to a dog groomer with a dozen dogs at home.

The Game Of Life 2 gameplay

The fact that there are more modern jobs included than the first iteration of the game makes it much more enjoyable for younger players too.

And, there are a tonne of extras for players to dive into in this version too.

We’re talking themed boards where you must find a job in a frozen wasteland or prehistoric jungle.

That’s sure to mix things up a bit!

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