15 Games Like Mario Kart On PS4 & PS5

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Just bought a PS4 or PS5 and looking to get some racing action to match Mazza’s racing antics? Check out our list of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5!

It goes without saying that Mario Kart undeniably wins the Karting Crown on any console. Still, not everyone has or wants a Switch, and you can’t get Mazza on any other console!

Ok, so you can play Mario Kart on Mobile, but what about if you want some karting goodness on your TV?

There are so many Mario Kart copies out there, some good, some great, and a lot that are downright terrible.

Luckily, the PS4 and PS5 have a great selection of kart and racing games to choose from, giving players plenty of item-throwing, corner-drifting, chequered-flag-crossing action!

But which are the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5?

Find out below!

15. Renzo Racer (2017)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Renzo Racer game case cover art PS5

Renzo Racer kickstarts this list of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 and PS5!

Now, Renzo Racer didn’t get many amazing reviews back when it dropped in 2017, but if you’re in the karting game, then it certainly fills the bill of acting like Mario Kart.

I know that was a bit of an obvious statement considering the article title, but I’ll mix up the way I say ‘Mario Kart Clone’ through this article, don’t worry.

The cartoon graphics remind me a lot of Mario Kart Wii, though you can tell the karts aren’t as well thought out as the ones made by Ninty’s design team.

There are 20 tracks to race around and 16 animal racers to get to grips with. In a cool nod to Diddy Kong Racing, players can use boats as well as karts.

There are some nice ramps to jump off in this game too; getting air is just a cool way of passing your opponents, and you might even smash through a part of the track as you land!

There’s lots more obstacles strewn across the track to watch out for than in Mario Kart too, with players dodging rocks, ice, and other fallen objects.

14. Race With Ryan (2019)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 - Race with Ryan game case cover art PS4

Race With Ryan is up next, a game based on the the adventures of Ryan from the Ryan’s World YouTube Channel.

Now, unless you’re one of the 34.9 million people that watch Ryan’s World, then you probably won’t have a clue what’s going on here. I’ll be honest, I had to do my homework before doing this article. It is a lot better if you know a lot about Ryan and his world, but the game itself is pretty enjoyable regardless.

In terms of gameplay, it definitely feels like Mario Kart, with players using weird and wonderful racers as they move through wacky tracks. In graphical design, however, the courses look a lot more like Crash Team Racing.

I suppose that’s unsurprising considering that this is one of the main alternatives to Mario Kart and a title that you’ll definitely be seeing further down this list.

If you’re not used to racing, then auto-accelerate is a nice touch, and the collecting element to the levels adds an extra touch that I liked.

With an easy-to-follow-tutorial, multiplayer, and career modes to tackle, you’ll get going on Race with Ryan in no time!

“Ready, Set, Race With Ryan! 

13. Cel Damage HD (2014)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Cel Damage HD game case cover art

Now, some of you might remember Cel Damage from back in the Xbox days. Cel Damage HD is, unsurprisingly, a HD version of said game,

Nintendo games like Mario Kart aren’t that violent or destructive in nature; they’re cartoony and family friendly, which is why so many people buy them. Well, Cel Damage HD takes that ethos and adds violence to it.

I suppose there’s a way around everything, right? And cartoon chainsaws are ok, right? So are portable nukes too… yeah?

I guess it’s also safe to say that Cel Damage is more about shooting than racing. Stopping your opponent from crossing the finish line isn’t as important as stopping them from… well, living, for instance!

Smack Attack is by far my favourite mode to play – it’s just pure vehicular combat carnage, but it feels a lot calmer than games like Twisted Metal because it’s so cartoony!

With regards to the difference in the HD version, players can unlock a few new items and have access to a Life Bar that they can check on screen.

Apart from that, it’s the same ‘ol Cel Damage, just with some crisper graphics!

12. PAW Patrol: Grand Prix (2022)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  game case cover art PS5

PAW Patrol: Grand Prix is up next in our list of games like Mario Kart on PS4 and PS5!

The Paw Patrol gang definitely bring that Mario Kart-esque vibe to the table, and the graphics are very reminiscent of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U/Nintendo Switch, though those fans look like they’ve come straight from Tears of the Kingdom, right?

The only thing you would possibly use Ultrahand for in this game is for throwing a ball super far for the pups after a race, however. Race in single or multiplayer matches as all the gang; Tracker, Rex, Chase, Ryder, and all the rest!

Ok, so it’s cutesy gaming at its best, but look how clear those graphics are! This is a joy to play on the PS5 and runs super smooth.

The tracks aren’t super taxing and the backgrounds aren’t going to win many awards, but if you have a family member that loves Paw Patrol and you want to bring them into the world of family gaming, then there’s no better way!

11. Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart (2023)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Gigantosaurus Dino Kart game case cover art PS5

Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart looks and plays great. It scores 10 out of 10 for Kart design from the off and gives players the chance to take some famous Gigantosaurus characters out on the road.

That’s little dino dudes to you and me.

Hey, maybe the lesser-spotted Gigantosaurus will make an appearance at some point too.. who knows?

As well as dodging projectiles from enemies, you’ll have to watch out for all the kinds of things that Dinosaurs had to deal with ‘back in the day’, like lava for example!

There are 15 tracks to contend with. I know what you’re thinking; it’s not a right lot, is it?

Still, I guess it’s something to put you on while Nintendo drag out the release of the ‘new’ Mario Kart courses.

Like you might guess from one of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5, it’s colourful, easy to grasp, and super family friendly. Kids of all ages can play (even the big ones that work at Retro Dodo towers too!)

10. Hot Wheels Unleashed (2021)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Hot Wheels Unleashed game case cover art PS5

Hot Wheels Unleashed is up next. It’s not just one of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5, but it’s one of the best racers of all time!

As a 90s kid, I will always love Hot Wheels. It embodies that element of collecting that made the 90s so special for me and all of the Retro Dodo team, and having the chance to build epic tracks from scratch just finishes the package off nicely!

Ok, so there’s no Red Shell throwing or any skullduggery like that, but the Karts are iconic and the level building mechanics are fantastic.

Mario Kart 8 might have driving upside down under its belt, but Hot Wheels Unleashed has loop-the-loops, boosts, and so much more to make your track look and play like a steroid-induced rollercoaster!

9. Nickelodeon Kart Racers (2018)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Nickelodeon Kart Racers game case cover art PS4

It’s time for Spongebob and the gang to join the fray with Nickelodeon Kart Racers, the first of three racers in the series to feature in our list.

Ninja turtles Rugrats, Hey Arnold characters and the Spongebob crew are all hitting the tarmac in this slimey game.

Slimey because the tracks are all covered in slimey gunk to try and trip you up along the way. There are 24 tracks to tackle too which is much more what we’d expect from a game contending for a spot on your shelf alongside Mario Kart.

Here’s another nice little extra too – a team multiplayer mode. It’s a little more like Cel Damage HD’s Smack Attack crossed with the Ballon Battles from the Mario Kart series, and it’s super fun!

Nickelodeon racers takes a little bit of inspiration from the Need for Speed canon too by adding in the ability to soup up your vehicles.

Gather coins through each of the tracks and use them to buy everything from new paintwork to bigger engines and spoilers.

Talk about being spoiled for choice!

8. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway (2022)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 - Nickelodeon Kart Racers game case cover art PS5

Let’s keep on hurtling through slime town for a little longer with Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway.

As the name suggest, dodging slime is still a huge part of the gameplay, and there are now a whopping 40+ characters to pick from all of your favourite TV shows.

And, there’s a new exciting addition of voice acting in this game too!

Now, we’re starting to get even more into the realms of the Mario Kart clone here, with the Karts and bikes (yes, bikes too) in this game turning into watercraft from time to time, just like when the your wheels in Mario Kart fold up when going upside down.

Players have the chance to try their hands at 36 different racetracks too; now that’s value for money, especially when you add in the fact that the slime element makes everything much harder!

You need keen reflexes to keep ahead of the game here, folks!

7. Disney Speedstorm (2023)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Disney Speedstorm game case cover art PS5

Disney Speedstorm is currently in its early access stage and, while Kart based, does feel a little more like F1 crossed with the kind of level design that you might find in a Mario Kart title.

And it’s free to play too which is a massive bonus!

Now, Disney Speedstorm is described as a ‘hero-based combat racing game’. You’ll be racing as a bunch of different Pixar and Disney characters rom Sulley to Captain Jack Sparrow, learning the skills needs to beat those corners, boost along straights, and to get over the line before your opponents.

And, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, players can either game locally or remotely when diving into multiplayer matches, as well as competing against racers from across the world!

The racetracks are all taken from your favourite Disney and Pixar movies too. We’re talking racing along docks lined with Pirate Ships, careering through Jungle Ruins, and even taking to the Monster’s Inc. Scare Floor for a few laps.

Fire weapons at your opponents in true Mario Kart style, upgrading everything from your racers Kart to their suit as you progress through the game.

There are plans for new racers to drop periodically too – we could have a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate style roster on our hands here!

6. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix (2020)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Nickelodeon Kart Racers: Grand Prix game case cover art  PS4

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix, the second title in the series (which is clearly in the name) is the best out of the bunch by far.

Making a pit crew from your favourite Nickelodeon characters is absolutely unreal. All of the pit members have different abilities to help you win, so choose your team wisely (and there’s 70 famous faces to choose from!).

Oh and racing as Spongebob never gets old, but that’s just a given! I wish he’d make a cameo in Mario Kart just once – I reckon he could give Mazza a run for his money!

With 80 upgrades to get for your chosen kart and 28 tracks filled to the brim with slime to dodge, this is a racing experience like no other (apart from the other 5 titles further down this list, but you get the idea).

Plus online play gives users the chance to go up against another 7 opponents. That’s maximum carnage, especially considering there are literally thousands of different combinations of pit members and racers you can choose from the total character pool of 100!

5. KartRider: Drift (2023)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  KartRider Drift game case cover art

KartRider: Drift is literally the gift that keeps on giving. For starters, it’s free to play.

That’s probably why there’s a whopping 380 million people playing it in the world. Plus, there’s new content dropping all of the time, and I’m not talking about the rehashed versions of old courses that Nintendo drop in Mario Kart either.

Sorry, that’s been a bit of a bone of contention with me for a while now…

The graphics are ver Mario Kart-esque (which is hardly surprising considering it’s in our list of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5), with super-customisable karts that bring a touch of the Need for Speed garage to the karting world.

For those of you that play Mario Kart on 200cc, there’s a supremely fast mode called Speed Mode (fitting, right). Unlike Mario Kart, it’s actually pretty easy to keep hold of your kart in this game at those insane speeds.

At least I don’t seem to end up bashing into every piece of wall, at any rate…

With Rocket Launchers and UFO’s, it kind of feels like South Park meets Mario Kart with a touch of GoldenEye 007 thrown in as well! Keep things fresh with seasonal content too!

4. Team Sonic Racing (2019)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 - Team Sonic Racing game case cover art PS4

Team Sonic Racing takes the 4th spot in this list of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5, and it’s a game that really doesn’t need an introduction.

Heck, it’s one of the best arcade racing games of our time filled with Sega’s mascot and his all-star supporting cast.

And there’s wisps to wield in this game too. No, I’m not talking about that cute little ghost from Animal Crossing; these are the weapons you’ll use to take down other racers as you hurtle through epic tracks at high speeds.

The vehicles are most definitely cars as opposed to karts, but to be honest Mario Kart 8 has some epic, weird, and wonderful cars on the roster, so we’re not complaining.

Another thing that sets it apart from our favourite plumber-racing extravaganza is the fact that there’s a story mode as well. As I’ve said before in this article, fans of Diddy Kong Racing will be all over this, giving you all a little something more to concentrate on when playing solo as opposed to multiplayer with friends.

Speaking of multiplayer, there’s also a Team Adventure mode and a 4-player split-screen mode for either teaming up or crushing your mates. Whichever you choose is up to you (and how destructive you’re feeling).

3. LEGO 2K Drive (2023)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  LEGO 2K Drive game case cover art  PS5

LEGO 2K Drive takes today’s bronze medal, and it’s one heck of a good looking game!

I mean, I guess we wouldn’t expect Bricklandia to look any different on the PS5 right? Just look at those mountains below; you can almost reach into your screen and touch them!

LEGO is all about customisation, right? Well, your car can customise to any terrain you might come across in this game. Explore this epic open world with a car you’ve built from scratch that can cope with everything from off-roading to cruising over water!

So, considering this is an open world racing game, it won’t surprise you that there’s a story mode to dive into. There’s a mysterious racer in town by the name of Shadow Z, and it’s your job to rise through the racing world and take them down.

Sounds pretty epic, right?

There are side-quests to embark on too, bringing a bit of a feel of Driver and GTA to the LEGO world (except there are no LEGO murders going on here – it’s a family friendly title!).

Building your car is so intuitive that you’ll feel like you’re back standing by your trust red LEGO bucket as a kid and watching your parents stepping on the bits you forgot to pack away.

Above all, If you’re a LEGO fan (and that really should be all of you), then get this in your list!

Oh, and check out our article on the LEGO Pac Man arcade review too while you’re already in the LEGO spirit!

2. Garfield Kart (2019)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 -  Garfield Kart Furious Racing game case cover art  PS4

The world’s laziest cat and possibly the only other person to love Lasagne as much as me is up next in Garfield Kart!

While Garfield Kart is in second place in our list, it’s the game the definitely looks and feels the most like Mario Kart. It’s also got a lot of driver status options to consider too, a little like when you’re choosing your characters in Mario Tennis, as well as the Kart characteristics found in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

How much does this course feel like an amalgamation of every Moo Moo Farm style track? Find shortcuts to race smarter, not harder (the Garfield way) and challenge up to 7 of your mates in Online Mode.

Garfield fans will love the courses based on places from the show, and the weird and wacky items can change the tide of a race in a moment.

Play as The fat-cat himself, Squeak, Odie, Arlene, Jon, Nermal, Liz, or Harry and customise to your heart’s content!

1. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019)

games like Mario Kart on PS4 PS5 - CTR Nitro Fueled game case cover art PS4

The results are in, the karts have crossed the finish line, and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has been crowned as the best game like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5!

The CTR series is world famous in its own right and is a definite go-to game for anyone wanting that Mario Kart vibe on multiple Sony consoles. With its battle modes, multiplayer mayhem, item throwing, power slides and added boss battles, some might say that it’s Mario Kart and then some!

Not me though, I’ve got to remain impartial, however.

Having said that, the Adventure Mode is brilliant. As I’ve said before, sometimes when you’re playing solo on the train or while kicking back in bed, it’s nice to have something to work towards than just racing for the heck of it.

The Nitro Adventure Mode differs from the Classic Adventure Mode as it gives players the chance to change karts in-between races and to rev up the difficulty if it’s all feeling a little too easy.

Rekindle your love of Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing by playing as characters and racing on tracks from both games (definitely a nostalgic Nintendo-style move there) as well as diving into fresh new material and features.

And the cinematic cutscenes are awesome! I did the chef’s kiss hand gesture then but realise that you can’t see me, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Yes, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled tops our list of the best games like Mario Kart on PS4 & PS5, and long may it reign!

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