Game Boy Camera Webcam Will Soon Be A Thing Thanks To Epilogue

Game Boy Camera webcam footage

You know what I think is wrong with remote meetings these days? It’s the fact that you can see everyone in HD, almost as if they were there with you in your living room. Then there’s all of the crisp colours and the fact that you can share screens and use funny little graphics. I think the whole thing would be better if we scaled down to say… 16 kilopixels. That way I wouldn’t actually have to see so much of the people I was speaking to, and I wouldn’t have to worry about looking cool in front of new clients.

Of course, this is something that no one has said ever in the history of time. Still, for my nostalgic, retro-orientated mind, the idea of a Game Boy Camera Webcam really is incredible, and it’s all thanks to the GB Operator from Epilogue. Described by the company as both the ‘worst and best webcam you’ll ever have’ in a post on Twitter, it’s designed for nostalgic gamers to imagine a world where the 26-year-old camera remained at the peak of technology… and to annoy their colleagues when called about the latest stats and figures.

Epilogue states that the service is ‘coming soon’, but they have live stream images running, so it shouldn’t be long until it’s ready for us to play around with. We’ve seen some amazing photographers using the Game Boy Camera to capture some epic (albeit pixelated) snaps over the years, and now we’re looking forward to seeing how you guys use this webcam to come up with some awesome new creations. I wonder who the first YouTuber will be to solely record using this?

For those of you who don’t know what the GB operator is or how it works, you can read our article on the device and check our full video review below!

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