G.I. Joe Wrath Of Cobra Brings Online Multiplayer In 2025

wrath of cobra gameplay

The Limited Run Games LRG3 Showcase has kicked off and is faster paced than every Fast & Furious film put together on fast forward, and one of the first things that our jaws dropped over has been the return of G.I Joe in a fast-paced game that boasts online multiplayer.

Up to four friends can work together online to take on Cobra, teaming up from all over the globe for manic beat-em-up action, and it’s coming to consoles in 2025. If you’re into beat-em-ups like the Turtles arcade games and classic titles like Streets of Rage, then this is definitely going to be up your street.

wrath of cobra logo

And the best thing is it’s so vibrant and colourful, which probably isn’t the sort of thing you would consider from a G.I Joe game. Although we haven’t seen much more than the initial GI Joe: Wrath of Cobra trailer, the action looks as intense as Gunstar Heroes and has all the signs of being a brilliant title! You can check out the trailer and much more in the LRG3 video below!

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