10 Best Flower Pokemon Of All Time

Flowers look very pretty in vases and when pressed in books, but which Flower Pokemon should you be picking if you’re looking to make the strongest team the greenhouse has ever seen?

Trust me, I wouldn’t be walking past and ripping any leaves off these guys either; I think I’d lose a finger in the process!

Now I know what you’re thinking – Flower Pokemon can’t be that strong, right? I mean, we can step on a daisy and it doesn’t even fight back.

Listen, if you stood on the critter in 2nd place below, it wouldn’t just stand solid, but it would probably pick you up by the toe and throw you into the next field!

So, if you’re a fan of Grass Pokemon but only want to pick Flowers that can fight, then take a look at our top list below and start building your team!

10. Cherrim

Cherrim - best flower Pokemon

Cherrim kickstarts our list of the best Flower Pokemon of all time!

During the hours of darkness, Cherrim stays hidden beneath its bud and doesn’t really do much at all. Talk about Metapod-vibes!

When the sun is out, however, it’s a vibrant little Pokemon that is incredibly happy!

Energy Ball, Double Edge, and Petal Dance are some of its big hitting moves, but what are its base stats like?

Well, Cherrim isn’t that impressive when it comes to any stats. 87 Sp. Attack and 85 Speed are its best stats, helping to give weight to Petal Dance in battle.

70 HP and Defence will help you to garner a few XP points by pulling Cherim out in battle, but you’ll need to wait a while before it can make an impact on the fight.

9. Eldegoss


Eldegoss looks like it might blow away in a strong wind, but its Sp. Defence is incredible. With a base stat of 120, it’s going to be able to hold its own against some pretty powerful Special Attacks from opponents, while batting off physical attacks with its Physical Defence stat of 90.

Sadly, Defence is where Eldegoss’ main benefits lie. It’s attack of 50 is abysmal, and its 60 HP isn’t much better.

Leaf Storm is one of its most powerful moves, and thanks to the Sp. Attack of 80 it’ll make a decent mark on your opponent’s health bar.

Speed wise, it would find it hard to hit first before some of the other creatures on this list too, only bringing 60 to the party.

8. Lurantis

Lurantis - best flower pokemon

For such an elegant looking Pokemon, Lurantis has such a slow speed stat at just 45. Still, with 105 Attack power, I guess it doesn’t need to move very fast to make an big impact.

Leaf Blade and Solar Blade are two Physical Attacks to pull out when the going gets tough, and its good that Lurantis’ two most powerful attacks are Physical, as its Sp. Attack isn’t too impressive at 80.

Defence wise, Lurantis has 90 for both Defence and Sp. Defence. That’s not amazing, but it’s a pretty decent stat to start working with if you’re wanting to train up this Flower Pokemon to be a firm fixture in your team.

7. Lilligant


Lilligant looks a little bit like a genie it’s taken inspiration from the genie’s outfit in Mario Party 4.

You’ll be very glad of its 110 Sp Attack when you pull out Magical Leaf and Leaf Storm, two Special Attacks that will definitely pack a punch against your opponent.

Apart from 90 Speed, the rest of Lilligant’s stats are a little lacklustre. 75 Defence and Sp. Defence, 60 Attack, 70 HP – it’s not the strongest Pokemon of all time by any stretch of the imagination, more of a solid ‘all-rounder’ that can wield some slick special moves when the time calls for it.

6. Bellossom

Bellossom - best flower pokemon

Bellossom takes the 5th spot in our list of the best Flower Pokemon of all time!

If you don’t recognise this critter, then let me tell you that it actually is an alternative evolution of Gloom. If first appeared in Pokemon Gold as an alternative to Vileplume, using a Sun Stone to evolve Gloom rather than a Leaf Stone!

Like Lurantis, it has a pretty slow Speed stat, coming in just 5 more at 50. Still, things start to get a bit better as you move up the list; 100 Sp Defence, 90. Sp Attack, and 90 Defence.

Looks like having a flower hula skirt brings a lot of defence with it – who knew!

Its 75 base HP isn’t going to give it as much longevity as the Pokemon further down the list, but hey, Bellossom doesn’t give up with a fight!

5. Tsareena

Tsareena - best flower pokemom

Special Attacks are not Tsareena’s strong point when you catch her. She only has a base stat of 50 which isn’t going to do much, but her Physical Attack weighs in at an amazing 120.

So, looks like Stomp, Trop Kick and High Jump Kick are going to be the moves you’re refilling PP of the most!

HP and Speed come in at 72 each, and Defence and Special Defence rack up 98 a piece.

In short, watch out for those legs; they’re lethal!

4. Roserade

Roserade - best flower pokemon

Roserade takes the 4th spot in this list of the best Flower Pokemon of all time!

In stark contrast to Tsareena, Roserade’s Special Attack is through the roof with a bast stat of 125. Petal Dance, Giga Drain, and Magical Leaf are three of the go to moves you’re definitely going to want to make sure you have in your arsenal!

Roserade’s Special Defence is very impressive too at 105. So, if your opponent tends to use a lot of Special Attacks and is weak to Grass Types (check out our Pokemon type weaknesses article for more info), then get Roserade out into battle!

3. Venusaur


Ah, here it is! The OG starter from Pokemon Red and Blue (or Red and Green if we’re going for the original originals) is still one of the most powerful Flower Pokemon of all time.

Venusaur has such solid Special Attack and Defence stats, bringing in 100 a piece. Even though its other stats come in between 80 and 83 across the board, it still racks up an impressive 525 total stats.

You would think that for its size that it would have a much better Defence of 83, but I guess you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover!

Take advantage of its Special Attack by using moves like Solar Beam and Petal Dance!

2. Florges

Florges - Best flower Pokemon

Florges is a Fairy type Flower Pokemon with an absolutely incredible Special Defence.

This epic 154 Sp. Defence stat makes up a large portion of Florges 552 total stat count and is going to help against Special Moves from Pokemon types Florges is weak against.

That’s Fighting, Poison, Steel, Dark, and Bug type Pokemon for those wondering!

Things start to go downhill a little bit from there, but not so drastically that Florges can’t make a dint in your battle.

With 112 Special Attack, you’ll want to be using moves like Moonblast and Solar Beam as opposed to Physical Attacks.

Still, most of Florges attacks are Special Moves anyway, so there’s no worries to be had here!

1. Shaymin


The results are in, and Shaymin is the strongest Flower Pokemon of all time!

I know that this little critter doesn’t look like it could even take a nibble out of a Letter Carrier’s leg, but with a base stats total of 600 in both Land From (left) and Sky Forme (right), it’s one hardy Pokemon that can turn the tide of a fight.

In Land Forme, Shaymin has 100 for each of its stats. Talk about a stellar all-rounder that you can count on every time!

The main change when you get to Shaymin’s Sky Forme is that Defence takes a slight hit to increase both Sp. Attack and Speed by 20 points. Nearly all of Shaymin’s attacks are Special Attacks anyway, so this makes moves like Seed Flare and Leaf Storm cause even more of a ruckus!

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