Finally, A Cool Way To Display Your Retro Games

display your retro games

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In April 2021, French retro gaming enthusiasts Book4Games partnered with retailer to produce and launch their first products: practical, cleverly designed and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for SNES/Super Famicom cartridges. 

With the cardboard SNES and Super Famicom boxes being so notoriously flimsy, it’s difficult for collectors who also want to actually play their old games – rather than just display them – to keep the packaging in good condition, especially if it’s a game they’re going to keep retrieving from the box.

So the problem then becomes one of where to store the games if not in their original boxes – which is where Book4Games and their thoughtfully designed cases come into the picture.

The original snes case design

Utilising minimalist design – with colour schemes and iconography that’ll be instantly familiar to retro gamers – these cases can be lined up on bookshelves, with the supplied holographic stickers used to categorise the contents for easy identification and retrieval of the contents.

Games are well protected in these cases, with custom shaped foam inserts that keep the cartridges in place and magnetic clasps to keep the cases securely closed.

Following the successful launch of those products, Book4Games has now taken to Kickstarter to offer a massively varied, significantly upgraded range of cases covering a wide variety of retro consoles – with a hugely impressive focus on beautiful, game and console-themed art adorning the covers of each case this time around. 

Not only that, but the new cases are now being manufactured in Europe and shipped from France, with UK-friendly shipping to boot.

The new Kickstarter range widens the range of cases available significantly – so now collectors will be able to use the Book4Games cases to store Mega Drive/Genesis, N64, Famicom and Game Boy cartridges – with the Game Boy case even able to accommodate cartridges with or without the plastic storage case that came with original Game Boy titles.

Book4Games are even offering cases to provide much needed protection and storage for Game & Watch consoles, along with themed Metroid and Zelda cases.

These new cases can even be hung on the wall, much like a shadow box!

These are a wonderful addition to the collection of any retro gamer/collector; not only do they look fantastic, but they provide an elegant and practical storage solution that has clearly been created by gamers, for gamers.

The pledge levels of the Kickstarter campaign allow for mixing and matching of any combination of cases – it’s well worth checking out the Kickstarter page below:

Be quick though – the project is only running until the 13th of March 2022, ending at 8:01am UTC.

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