Feiyue Street Fighter Shoes Bring Hadouken Action To Your Day In A Seriously Stylish Way

Feiyue X Street Fighter

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Feiyue Shoes has just announced their brand new Street Fighter collection, and the three unique designs are as cool as you’d expect.

Two absolutely iconic brands collaborating on a super stylish wearable product; what’s not to love about that?

Feiyue x Street Fighter pays homage to one of most beloved franchises in gaming history. This unique collection seemingly blends Feiyue’s classic 1920 style and martial arts DNA with the unmistakable aura of the 1980s and 1990s video game arcade era.

Feiyue X Street Fighter


Feiyue’s iconic “Fe Lo 1920” model shoes have a minimalistic design aesthetic inspired by martial arts footwear. Which seems like an absolutely perfect crossover with the Street Fighter universe.

The slimline design uses a canvas upper with unique printed graphics, and a gum rubber sole that wraps over the toes for extra protection and style.

And what graphics might those be, you ask? There are three unique designs – Ryu, Chun-Li, and the Street Fighter brand logo.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Feiyue X Street Fighter
Image Source: Feiyue

Even the insole has a custom SF graphic printed on it, for your own private viewing at home.

This is a great example of an iconic shoe design that already has its own merit leveraging an equally iconic brand in a sleek way.

Including an arrow showing you which way to move forward!

The branding is enough to be obvious, and minimal enough to still be aesthetically pleasing and functional. These are shoes you will want to wear every day.

And as someone familiar with the Feiyue brand – you will!

Purchasing Information

Feiyue X Street Fighter
Image Source: Feiyue

Check can check out all three Street Fighter available designs at the Feiyue website here.

Each model retail for £44.99 ($55USD) and they are all still currently available to purchase.

If you’re into video game related shoes, today is your day! Cause we also had a new Pokemon X Clarks collection announced.

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