Clarks Pokemon Boots Are The Perfect Shoes For Us Big Kids Playing Pokemon Go

Clarks X Pokemon

The Pokemon Company and Clarks have just announced an incredible new exclusive collection of Clarks Pokemon Boots.

Clarks said it best when they introduced this new collab as an “exclusive collection inspired by the original Pokémon of the Kanto region”.

The new drop features four designs that are based on Clarks’ iconic “Torhill” shoe in character specific colored swede with vibrant colored soles.

Clarks X Pokemon
Image Source: Clarks

For your starter shoe selection comes Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu. And you’ll want to choose wisely.

I’m pretty basic in my Pokemon knowledge and experience, so you know I’m going with the common choice of my boy Pikachu.

Plus, that orange and yellow swede paired with the speckled black soles looks pretty sweet.

Whether you’re picking your favorite based on the color or the associated Pokemon, it’s great to see such a nice variety offered.

Attention To Detail

Image Source: Clarks

Not only do these suede shoes have a chequerboard Pokeball on the side, but each tongue bears a logo of the Pokemon it’s based on.

These little characters look aw though the’ve jumped straight from a Gameboy onto the boot too – they’ve got a slightly pixelated outline just like we all remember from those early battles, as does the tag that hangs off the side laces.

The Pokemon Company really do think of everything!

Purchasing Information

Clarks X Pokemon
Image Source: Clarks

You can check out the entire collection on the Clarks website, with each new Pokemon shoe set retailing for £120/$140USD. (Notice that I mentioned they come in a set, not as a single shoe. You’re welcome.)

Excitingly, these are available to purchase right now. So no need to set your calendars and wake up at odd hours hoping to beat the scalpers.

At the time of writing this article, there are still plenty of shoes available. So go get yours now and wear them while playing all the best Pokemon games!

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