Fallout Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica Revealed By Bethesda

The studio at the helm of the Fallout franchise has revealed a die-cast replica of the iconic Pip-Boy device and it’s available to pre-order now.

Bethesda have unveiled the replica of the Pip-Boy on their website, with this version of the design matching the device worn by Ella Purnell in the upcoming Fallout TV series for Amazon Prime.

The product listing on Bethesda’s store page describes the wrist-mounted accessory as having a die-cast metal front casing and hand-painted weathered finishes as part of the “1:1 faithful replica of the Pip-Boy as seen in the Fallout TV series”.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new replica is the TFT LCD screen that displays “an exciting range of animated in-universe screens” and also functions as a monitor for the built-in clock function.

That display will require charging, with the built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery receiving power via USB-C.

fallout pip-boy replica cuff
image credit: bethesda

Fans hoping to wear the Pip-Boy on their own arms will appreciate the memory foam cuff that should help with universal fitting and comfort.

It’s turning into a pretty big week for Fallout fans, with the release of a new trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime TV series and a Magic The Gathering collaboration launching today as well.

fallout pip-boy die-cast replica
image credit: bethesda


Fallout 4 Pip-Boy screenshot

The new Fallout Pip-Boy replica looks a darn-sight better than the previous version that was released to coincide with the launch of Fallout 4 in 2015.

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition included a plastic replica designed to mimic the in-game model, as seen above.

Disappointed fans criticised the build quality of the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy. Bethesda also released a companion app that allowed players to view in-game statistics on their phones, which could also fit snuggly into the Pip-Boy.

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Collector's Edition

Bethesda’s latest Pip-Boy comes from a collaboration with The Wand Company, the company behind the exquisite Mini Pokéball replicas recently launched to celebrate Pokémon Day.

Fans looking to purchase the new die-cast Pip-Boy can pre-order one from Bethesda’s website. The replicas are limited to one per customer and cost $199.99, or whatever the equivalent is in bottle caps.

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