We Bought The $15 FAKE PS5 So You Don’t Have To

fake ps5

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If you’re still looking to get hold of Sony’s new powerhouse, then maybe you could soften the blow with a fake PS5 instead.

Or, you could crush someone’s world who is really looking forward to opening one on Christmas Day, because nothing says Merry Christmas like eternal disappointment and a broken friendship.

Yes, it’s finally happened; the PS5 has now joined the ranks of fake consoles doing the rounds across the internet, and it’s probably as good as you imagine it is.

Here at Retro Dodo, we like to put ourselves in dangerous situations that make us angry and sad in equal measure so you don’t have to. That’s why we’ve got the dirt on the fake PS5 so you can keep your hands clean, while we live forever knowing that we can never… ever unsee this thing.

If you have a nervous disposition, you should probably erase your hard drive right now.

Alright, let’s take a look at this monstrosity and get it over with… like pulling off a plaster, it’s best to just get on with it.

What Is The Fake PS5?

bootleg ps5

Here it is folks, the fake PS5 in all it’s glory!

Weirdly, the console itself doesn’t look completely out of place.

I mean, it feels like someone has glued two pieces of toilet roll to a light, but apart from that, it kinda looks like a PS5 mini.

For a split second, from far off, in a darkened room, while squinting… it looks like a PS5, which means that there’s definitely going to be a moment that your friend, sibling, or partner thinks that you’ve really treated them.

All that’s left for you to do then is to sit back and watch as their world is torn apart before their very eyes.

The main giveaway here is the controllers.

Ok, so the main giveaway is that it actually ships with an RGB cable instead of a HDMI cable, and the box looks like a generic white box with no branding whatsoever.

Instead of shipping with controllers that boast haptic feedback, the remotes for this fake PS5 resemble the original PS1 controllers which need two AAA batteries to operate wirelessly.

We’re talking pre DualShock here guys, the simple ones that feel like you’re holding a plastic bottle with a d-pad drawn onto it.

How Big Is The Fake PS5?

So, for context the original PS5 is 39cm × 26 cm. That makes the fake PS5 half the size of the genuine article.

I guess it could join the best mini consoles with those dimensions.

It’s important for us to remember (mainly me) that this isn’t a serious console. As I said in the beginning of this article, it’s the kind of present that would either pull a smirk or a punch in the arm on Christmas Day, a joke gift as a placeholder for the real thing, perhaps.

Still, this unit comes with games pre-loaded titles, right? So… what games can it play?

What Games Can The Fake PS5 play?

This Fake PS5 plays 1280 8-bit games that appeared on the NES, we tried and tested it and can officially say… it sucks.

As only 715 games actually released for the NES, I question this figure greatly, but once I turned it on the only question I had was “where is the bin”?

In reality, we’re looking at a console that has doubled up on some games to create a number that sounds impressive.

Games can’t be saved on the Fake PS5. That means that however well you do on any of the 1280 games, there’s no save file or even save state to keep your progress.

Give… me… strength!

The bloomin’ controllers run on 2x AA batteries that aren’t even included, for crying out loud! Still, they are wireless, so I guess it’s not all bad…

… just mostly.

Final Thoughts

Listen, there’s only two reasons that you would buy this console. The first is to make someone laugh, and the second is to destroy someones dreams. There is no other reason.

The good news is that the Fake PS5 costs less than $20 inc shipping, so it’s a joke that isn’t going to break the bank.

We’ve covered some great machines on this website, but this isn’t one of them. It won’t go down in the annals of history as being a great Chinese discovery, but it might become a recurring joke with your family every 25th December…

… that’s if you’re still talking to them after you open it.

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