E3 Has Officially Ended Operations… Forever

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E3, one of the most exciting video game conferences of the year, has decided to officially end all operations forever. [Source: Washington Post]

After more than two decades of hosting an event that has served as a central showcase for the [..] global video game industry, the Entertainment Software Association has decided to bring E3 to a close.” – Stanely Pierre-Louis (ESA president and CEO), The Washington Post.

A Long History

Image Source: Jordan Strauss

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) had been run by the Entertainment Software Association since 1995. The event offered vendors and consumers a chance to get together in celebration of video games.

And the biggest reason to attend E3 was all of the exciting upcoming game previews that developers would share.

The number one cause of E3’s downfall was the global pandemic of 2020. That year’s event had to be cancelled, for obvious reasons.

And the 2021 E3 event went for a “virtual” experience, which obviously was not quite as impactful as a massive in person event.

2022 was more of the same; Concerns of covid attending the event, discussions of taking it virtual, and eventually cancelling all together.

It would seem that E3’s luck and community interest had run out. 2023’s event – also cancelled.

The Changing Scenery

We know that the video game industry in general has gone through many changes over the past two decades, especially since the events of 2020.

The industry adapted and moved to new methods of reaching their audiences. Digital format events directly from publishers and developers to consumers seem to be the best format in today’s market.

While I wouldn’t say that in person video game events are a thing of the past (just look at the success of last week’s The Game Awards), we certainly can see why many fans and vendors are ready for a new format.

While not all reports of the E3 being cancelled forever were sad responses, we can surely agree that this is a big hit to the video game community.

If you’d like to remember E3 in its golden era, check out this newly discovered footage from the 2000 event: Long-Lost E3 2000 Footage.

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