Doom x Mario Mod Is A Game All Nintendo Fans Need To See

Screenshot from the Doom Mario mod Super MAYhem

Doom certainly gets around a lot these days; not only is it one of the most hacked and ported games, but it’s also appeared as a playable title on a lawnmower, which is only going to lead to no gardening ever getting done. For some people, however, it’s a little brutal, what with all of the demons coming at you and the ever-impending sense of death heading your way. I mean, it doesn’t exactly make for relaxing gameplay…

So, how do you make the game a little more appealing for Nintendo fans? How do you make a game feel more family friendly while still being gruesome? How about by replacing Doom Guy with Mario and swapping all of the demons for characters from the Mushroom Kingdom? Yeah, that would just about do it.

The game Super Mayhem ’17, as you might imagine, came out in 2017, but I can honestly say that I’ve never come across this mod until now. It’s brilliantly made, from the blocky graphics from the original game mixed with the bright colours we associate with Mazza’s adventures, right down to the picture of Mario gurning at the bottom of the screen.

Seeing Mario using a Pirhana Plant as a weapon or the red barrel of a gun pointing towards Shy Guys or Chain Chomps is, admittedly, a little off brand from his usual outings, though Bowser replacing Commander Keen and Romero’s head as boss enemies sure is pleasing! The video posted by JiKissGamer has certainly garnered lots of attention from gaming fans over the last 24 hours, so let’s hope that a resurgence of this mod might lead to more Mario x Doom mods heading to us in the future. I would love to see a Mario Galaxy x Doom crossover heading this way sometime soon!

Check out more info on the Mario x Doom mod on the Doom Wiki website!

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