Dino Crisis Turns 25, And A Tweet From Capcom Has Fans Excited

Dino Crisis Gameplay with T-rexes

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were chatting on the Retrospect Podcast about the fact that we need more dinosaur games in 2024. It’s been too long since a great dino-themed game came out, and we spoke at length about the pure brilliance of Dino Crisis and our fond yet harrowing memories of playing it.

Well, as of this month, Dino Crisis is 25 years old! Dropping on July 1st, 1999, it was one of the gnarliest games of my childhood. It’s a slick survival horror that keeps you on your toes all the way through and is still rated highly by both players and critics today, which is why so many people have gotten excited about Capcom’s latest X post.

It’s a simple tweet, but those bloodied dino claws from the PAL version of the game send fear into the hearts of gamers everywhere. It’s an iconic image that needs no other introduction and one that fans have been hoping to see clawing its way into the Capcom new game lineup for years now. In fact, fans voting in the Capcom Super Election voted for it highly in so many categories that Capcom would be foolish not to cash in on our collective love for this game.

Dino Crisis voting figures in the Capcom Super Election

Capcom has a lot of exciting things up its sleeve at the minute, what with the remaster of Dead Rising Deluxe and a new zombilicious entry in the Resident Evil series being confirmed. I’m not sure they’ll have time to add a new Dino Crisis title into the mix, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t get a remaster or remake for modern consoles. That would be something that would make the Dodo Team roar with excitement, and then quickly run behind the sofa and hide like we’re avoiding the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park. 80,769 people voted for Dino Crisis to have a new sequel or game in the Elections, and many players voted for it as their favorite Capcom game of all time – I think it’s time Capcom gave the people what they want!

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