Retro-style Puzzle Adventure Dandy & Randy DX Announced for Xbox, PC & PS4

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A game based on – or, more accurately, inspired by – a true story of bankruptcy doesn’t sound like it’d be a lot of fun to play. Yet Brazilian indie developers Asterstic Game Studio have created a cute, action adventure puzzle game from this very unlikely experience of financial difficulty.

Pink duck Dandy and his partner Randy, a blue, plane-flying rabbit, are archeologists who owe a significant amount of money to a big bank.

Struggling to repay their debt and on the brink of bankruptcy, they find a flyer that promises them riches on a faraway island. With their financial issues mounting, they have no choice but to check out this mysterious land for themselves.

Both single player and co-op modes are on offer, allowing players to take on the challenge alone or with a friend.

The game features plenty of equipment that’ll open up new areas; the influence of classic top-down Zelda titles is clear, with items such as a boomerang, hammer and hookshot on offer to open up new areas – as well as assist the duo in finding the money that’ll hopefully set them on a path to financial freedom. 

However, numerous puzzles, enemies and bosses, including Otto the Octopus, Bruno the Bear and Natalia NoGood – all part of the NoGood Pirate gang – stand in their way.

With gorgeous pixel art graphics and a superb chiptune soundtrack, Dandy & Randy DX looks like the perfect title for retro gamers looking for a new, yet familiar experience. 

Popular, prolific indie publisher Ratalaika Games are handling the digital release of Dandy & Randy DX for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Steam/PC and Nintendo Switch – and it’ll be released on April 29th 2022. Stay tuned for our incoming review!

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