Collectors Cabinets Are The Premium Way To Display Your Trading Card Collection

collectors cabinets

Collectors Cabinets are a new UK-based company who are designing premium display cases and products for your ever growing and highly collectible trading cards.

To this day I am still displaying my valuable cards on cheap eBay stands, or weak frames that are days away from dropping off the wall. I continuously wonder if there are better ways to store and display these cases without making it look like a 5 year old has displayed them next to their broken LEGO collection.

Just weeks ago I actually knocked my PSA 9 Mew off of my display stand with a simple touch, and this is something every collector fears.

But fear no longer as Collectors Cabinets have designed the perfect way to display your trading cards without having the need for ugly display cases. If your partner is fed up with your cards looking scattered and “in the way”, then this could be an excuse to invest in some seriously nice displays.

collectors cabinets pokemon
credit: collectors cabinets

The cabinets are their flagship products, and can house your rare Pokemon cards in a way that we’ve never seen before. This isn’t just for your PSA Pokemon cards, these collectors cabinets can house Magic of The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and even your rare Pokemon Topps Cards.

Collectors Cabinets want to create a “museum grade” product that screams premium, and it looks as if they’re doing just that. As you know, some cards have gone for over $400,000 within the last few months, so spending a bit of that on a decent display case will become the norm for many large, wealthy collectors.

pokemon dispaly cabinets
credit: collectors cabinets

“Our glass has enhanced durability, scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating, making sure your collection looks its brilliant best. Hinged for easy access, allowing you to swap out cards at your convenience”.

The cabinets are made with incredible detailing. On the side you will find a keypad that lets you adjust the brightness of the lights within the top display, letting you set the mood, day or night.

The trading cards stand on integrated plinths, arranged across three tiers, with a central podium for your favourite cards to sit amongst the throne. We’re not entirely sure if you could fit Gameboys, or other smaller collectibles.

Imagine if these cabinets were modular and allowed you to display booster boxes, different PSA cards like sealed packs, or even retro games or consoles? Now that would be incredible.

credit: collectors cabinets

If you want more from your Collectors Cabinets, they give you the choice of custom finishes and new security measures. For example you can add key fobs that lock and unlock your collection from pesky children or thieves. And if you’re a complete bad ass, then perhaps the shock alarms would be an addition you need. It’s like your very own Pikachu ready to protect your collection.

Below the display case is where your boxed and foldered collection can be stored alongside a bunch of other sections for PSA graded cards, perhaps the ones that aren’t worthy of being displayed.

Inside you have removable, foam-lined storage boxes with clip-out carrying handles, making it easy to take in and out. Each box can store up to 120 graded cads and comes with metal dividers which can be engraved should you wish.

collectors cabinets pull out
credit: collectors cabinets

The pictured model includes three layers of lined and divided drawers and plenty of empty storage space at the base of the cabinet for your binders, folders and loose items.

Display and storage can be adjusted for any grading authority (PSA, Beckett, PCA, etc.). A version of this cabinet is also available for non-graded cards. Collectors’ Cabinets can provide an optional fitted dust cover upon customer request.

Collectors Cabinets don’t just niche themselves to cabinets. They also craft high quality frames that house a wide number of graded cards. Just like their cabinets they can be customised in many ways, making it fit any wall perfectly. Heck, they can even make a frame that holds near 100 cards!

collectors cabinets frames
credit: collectors cabinets

The man behind the incredible invention is Alex, he was fed up with displaying his valuable cards on cheap, poor looking display stands and wanted to make something himself that he was proud of and could show off his cards in a way that reflected the value of his collection.

So he built Collectors Cabinets in order to share his love for this incredible hobby, and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, they come with a premium price tag but this is something that will house your collection for a life time, and why not invest in a display case instead of a few PSA cards down the line?

Collectors Cabinets are open for enquiries, but please take into consideration that this is a small start-up company, and the build process takes time. These builds require materials from all around the world, and during a pandemic these things make build estimations broader and less reliable. So we can imagine that there is a waiting list for these much wanted cabinets/frames.

Nonetheless, waiting for a cabinet like this to be made is the fun part, everyday that goes by adds excitement for when the delivery day arrives. This is going on our want list for sure!

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