10 Best Video Game Podcasts Of 2024

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When I’m not playing games, talking about games or writing about games I love nothing more than listening to other people talk about games with some of the best video game podcasts!

Whether I’m out for a run, on a road trip with my partner and our dog Riku or just doing chores around the house, a good gaming podcast never fails to lift me up.

There are plenty of podcasts available nowadays with platforms like Spotify and Google even trying to entice users by hosting podcasts that can’t be found anywhere else!

With so many voices wanting to talk about the world of gaming it can be hard to know who to listen to and that’s’s why we’ve put together this list.

Whether you want to keep up to date with the latest gaming news and trends or are looking for some gaming related entertainment, these are the 10 best video game podcasts of 2023.

1. The Back Page Podcast: A Video Games Podcast

The Back Page Podcast: A Video Games Podcast
image credit: The Back Page Podcast

The best video game podcast of 2023 is The Back Page Podcast: A Video Games Podcast.

When it comes to audible entertainment centred around the world of video games you’d be hard pressed to find a more engaging and entertaining podcast than The Back Page Podcast.

Hosted by games media writers and self-described ‘giant men’ Matthew Castle and Samuel Roberts, The Back Page Podcast features comprehensive discussions around gamings’ present, past and future.

The hosts have a shared history in working within games media and their anecdotes range from rushed interviews with Hideo Kojima to completely embarrassing themselves on a press trip by mistaking horseradish sauce for mash potato…

It’s not all mishaps and mayhem though as Matthew and Samuel deliver insightful discussions about working in print media, analysis of the games industry and effortlessly entertaining listicles and drafts of the best games across multiple genres and platforms.

An extra special mention has to go to Games Court. Recurring episodes of Games Court delve deep into the psyche of individuals making questionable gaming purchases from eBay.

2. Nontendo Podcast

Nontendo Podcast
image credit: Nontendo Podcast

The Nontendo Podcast is a weekly show focused on anything and everything in the world of Nintendo.

The dynamic between hosts Bob Wulff and Wood Hawker is reminiscent of two friends having a fun and rambling chat about everything Nintendo related including game reviews and rankings.

Bob also appeared on our own podcast, Retrospect, to talk about the ins and outs of video game emulation.

The Brooklyn based show is candid in their approach to Nintendo and the panel offer unbiased opinions on the Mario-maker. With over 80 episodes to dive into, the Nontendo Podcast has hours of entertaining Nintendo chat.

Recent news of Bob Wulff’s departure from the show may have been the end of proceedings but Wood Hawker plans to continue the podcast into 2024 with a revolving chair of guests set to appear on the show in the near future.

3. Retrospect Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrospect Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrospect is our very own retro gaming podcast, hosted by our founder Brandon Saltalamacchia and Jake Martin who has been featured in many other gaming podcasts in his time.

This podcast is dedicated to talking about retro gaming culture, nostalgic moments and interviewing well known names in the retro gaming space.

For example we spoke with the talent behind Evercade, how Casey Neistat fell in love with retro gaming and a introduction to our other team members to discuss their favourite gaming moments and products of the past.

At this moment in time the Retrospect Podcast is on pause as both Brandon and Jake are both expecting children, but we can assure you it will return bigger and better than ever.

So, tuck into to 60 entertaining episodes before they return, who knows maybe their newborns will make an appearance alongside other awesome guests?

4. IGN UK Podcast

IGN UK Podcast
image credit: IGN

The IGN UK Podcast can easily be considered one of the best video game podcasts of 2023, with a consistent output that began all the way back in 2009.

Currently hosted regularly by the affable Simon Cardy, the IGN UK Podcast arrives every Friday with a humourous yet considered conversation about the last happenings in the worlds of video games, movies and TV.

The rotating panel of co-hosts keeps every episode feeling fresh and with each host regularly returning to the show listeners will quickly grow to love the people behind the voices.

As the media powerhouse that IGN is, the IGN UK Podcast can provided unrivalled access to the creative minds behind some of the worlds biggest entertainment properties.

The regular quiz segment called the Endless Search tests the the panelist in a number of different trivia challenges ranging from the obscure to the sublime.

The IGN UK Podcast doesn’t take itself too seriously and topics of conversation frequently diverge into surreal discussions. Previous highlights include chats about which crisp flavour is best or an entire episode dedicated to user submitted stories about how they almost drowned…

Always respect the sea!

5. What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
image credit: What’s Good Games

What’s Good Games is a lively podcast full of charm and funny sentiment from two incredible hosts, Andrea Rene and Brittney Brombacher.

The pair have a combined 30 years of games industry experience and it shows with their deep yet upbeat analysis of gaming culture and news.

It’s not all gaming chat of course with Andrea and Brittney often dipping into random, happy chats between themselves and their guests.

As somebody that tries to champion the positivity of gaming, I find the What’s Good Games podcast a shiny beacon in an industry that can often take itself too seriously. Games are fun and that’s why we play them and What’s Good Gaming is also a lot of fun, and that’s why you should listen!

6. Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure

Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure
image credit: Hideo Kojima

The next entry in our list of the best video game podcasts is pretty niche. Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure is a Spotify exclusive podcast that promises to ‘deep dive into Hideo’s brain and shed light on his creative process’.

It’s as wacky and surreal as it sounds although not entirely unexpected from the mind behind Metal Gear franchise and Death Stranding.

The series comes good on it’s premise by allowing Hideo Kojima time to explore and verbalise his creative processes. Listeners will hear first hand how the auteur of game design devours books (not literally) and consumes movies, films, music and games in staggering volume.

Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure isn’t just a one-man show famous faces such as RRR movie director S. S. Rajamouli and Death Stranding leading man Norman Reedus.

The podcast even gave us glimpses into his upcoming collaborations with Elle Fanning and Jordan Peele both appearing on the podcast ahead of Kojimas’ current projects DS2 and the recently revealed OD, respectively.

The podcast is presented in Japanese or with English dubbing and currently offers 26 episodes from its first season. Kojima has teased fans by saying a second season is up to them, and while more Brain Structure would be delightful, I have no idea of how he’d manage to fit them into his busy schedule!

7. Game Scoop!

Game Scoop!
image credit: IGN

IGN Game Scoop is one of the longest running podcast on our list with over seven hundred episodes and counting.

Host Daemon Hatfield is one of the most upbeat and likeable personalities in the video game media space and brings and fun and joyful exuberance to each and every show.

Daemon is joined by regular ‘Omega Cops’ Samuel Claiborn and Justin Davis as well as other panelists in this weekly show that discusses the the latest news in the games industry.

It’s not just a current affairs show though, with the panels love for retro gaming often taking centre stage and recurring segments highlighting classic gaming magazines from yesteryear.

Fan favourite quiz ’20 questions challenges the Scoop crew every week and feedback from the listeners, including the legendary Big Tony Style, provides interesting discussion topics with a feel-good vibe.

8. Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast

Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast
image credit: Kinda Funny

If a weekly podcast doesn’t float your boat and you need high-quality gaming chat every day then the Kinda Funny Games Daily: Video Games News Podcast is for you.

Kinda Funny is hosted by seasoned games media personality Greg Miller and features his own brand of chaotic entertainment and enlightened banter each and every weekday.

The show features a plethora of special guests from across the games industry to discuss the latest developments in the world of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Fans of ol’ timey radio will appreciate the consistent structure and cadence that ties each episode together with fantastic editing and excellent production values.

What makes Kinda Funny Games Daily even more impressive is that it is distributed live and listeners have the chance to correct hosts in real-time in the event they slip up.

9. Spawn On Me With Kahlief Adams: A Video Game Podcast

Spawn On Me With Kahlief Adams: A Video Game Podcast
image credit: Spawn On Me

Spawn On Me is an award winning podcast that looks at the world of gaming from the perspective of people of colour.

Spawn On Me has released regular episodes since 2013 and has just aired its five hundredth episode and it’s easy to see why the show has endured for a decade.

Host Kahlief Adams possesses a warm and welcoming presence that immediately puts the listener at ease every week. While Kahlief forms the foundation of the podcast, Spawn On Me also provides a platform to highlight gamers of colour in an industry often dominated by white voices.

Stories from inside the gaming industry are often discussed at length with Kahlief and co. providing commentary on new releases, game announcements and development news from their podcast home of ‘Brookago’.

10. Watch Out For Fireballs!

Watch Out For Fireballs!
image credit: Watch Out For Fireballs!

Unlike the majority of entries in our list of the best video game podcasts, Watch Out For Fireballs! doesn’t focus on the current state of the games industry.

Instead, just like ourselves here at Retro Dodo, Watch Out For Fireballs! is a podcast that loves retro games.

Each of Watch out For Fireballs! four hundred plus episodes presents a postmortem of a classic game with titles ranging from Metal Gear Solid 2 to Mario Paint and from Contra to Bioshock.

Every episode follows hosts Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross as they dissect games from yesterday and examine what makes them great (or terrible) and there’s even a fun sketch that precedes each fireside chat.

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