Ranking The Best Tadpole Pokemon

Best Tadpole Pokemon

It’s time to head down to the pond as we check out the best tadpole Pokemon of all time!

When the idea for a spotlight on the best tadpole Pokemon flew into the offices at Retro Dodo Towers, it didn’t occur to us that there would be so few of them.

After all, the frog and toad-esque Pokemon are quite numerous, so surely their most basic forms would all be akin to tadpoles, right? 

Apparently not! Of 921 currently known Pokemon, here’s only four that can claim tadpole status. Which ones are they? 

Let’s find out, as we take a look at the best tadpole Pokemon of all time!

4. Tympole


Debuting in the generation five titles Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Tympole is a Water type Pokemon whose species marks it out as a ‘Tadpole Pokemon’.

That – coupled with just how darn cute this little dude is – should see it sat comfortably in first place on the best tadpole Pokemon list, right?

Well – not quite.

Its stats aren’t quite as high as our top entry, which is how we ultimately determine the best Pokemon to go for. It’s also not as well known as our choice for first place either!

Tympole’s evolutions are pretty cool though. At level 25, it evolves into the bulbous, chubby Palpitoad. Then at level 36 it evolves into the much heftier, more imposing Seismitoad!

Both Palpitoad and Seismitoad are different species to Tympole though. They’re listed in the Pokedex as ‘Vibration Pokemon’.

So, they don’t qualify for our list of the best tadpole Pokemon!


Poliwag - best Tadpole Pokemon

One of the very first 151 Pokemon to appear in first generation games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, Poliwag is pretty much instantly recognisable.

Like Tympole, Poliwag’s species is ‘Tadpole Pokemon’. Poliwag has a distinctive spiral design which carries on – as does its species – through its evolutions too.

Poliwag still beats Tympole in the rankings as its stats are a little higher, though there’s not much difference between them!

2. Poliwhirl


Another first generation Pokemon, Poliwhirl evolves from Poliwag, once it reaches level 25.

From a stats point of view, it’s fairly average. Still, Poliwhirl does go above and beyond when it comes to speed.

It still has that distinctive spiral tummy that it has when it’s a lowly Poliwag too – but gains a bit of attitude and drops the cuteness of its Basic form!

1. Poliwrath

Poliwrath - best Tadpole Pokemon

Though both Poliwag and Poliwhirl are Water type Pokemon, this second evolution of Poliwag – obtained by using the Water Stone – is a Water and Fighting type Pokemon.

That’s clear from the Poliwrath’s design – just check out those fists! You’ll even find Poliwrath on our list of the best frog Pokemon.

Poliwrath loses a bit of the speed advantage that Poliwhirl has, but makes up for it with strong HP, Attack, Defense and Sp Def. Only its Sp Atk stat lets it down a little.

With a Swift Swim ability (much like Poliwag and Poliwhirl before it), Poliwrath’s speed doubles during rain too. 

With its mostly excellent stats and dual type nature (giving it an advantage the other, fully Water-type tadpoles lack), Poliwrath is a clear choice for the top of the best tadpole Pokemon list!

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