Best Starter In Pokemon Black & White

Picking the best starter in Pokemon Black & White certainly is anything but black & white.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the best leader for your team, so it’s a good job that the Retro Dodo crew are trained professionals at… well, playing Pokemon games.

Who is the best character for tackling those early fights? Which Pokemon has the power to take you all the way to becoming a champion?

Over the course of this article, you’ll meet the three critters available to pick as a starter in Pokemon Black & White and discover our choice as to who you should pick when playing through these two epic games.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Why Is Picking The Right Starter Such A Tough Choice?

Black & White starters

There are few choices in life that are as tough as picking the best Pokemon starter. I mean, let’s face it, this Pokemon is the one that’s going to coming out first in every battle, the one that you’re going to turn to every time the going gets tough, and the one that will hopefully lead you to victory in every battle.

See why it’s such a tough choice?

One of the other reasons why picking the best Pokemon Starter is such a tough call is down to the first couple of Gym leaders you’re going to go up against.

In the case of Pokemon Black & White, however, whichever Pokemon you pick will provide you with Pokemon that you are weak against in the very first gym,

So, whoever you pick, it’s going to be a tough battle!

Still, let’s take a look at our choice for the best starter in Pokemon Black & White based on stats and final evolutions!

1. Oshawott


Oshawott is one cute dude, especially with the little shell on his front as well. I think we all feel a little heartless sending this guy into battle when it should be napping at home, but when it finally turns into Samurott, it becomes a mean fighting machine.

Oshawott’s best stat is its Sp. Attack at 63. The rest aren’t that impressive; 55 HP and Attack, and 45 for Speed, Defence, and Sp. Defence.

Attack and Sp. Attack become Samurott’s best stats at 100 and 108 respectively, with the whole evolutionary chain weak against Grass and Electric type Pokemon.

Maybe it should have nabbed a shell from one of the best Turtle Pokemon to make it a bit hardier!

2. Snivy

Snivy - Who is the best Starter in Pokemon Black & White

Snivy’s best stat is its 63 Speed. Unfortunately for this snooty little Grass Snake Pokemon, that’s as good as it gets.

It’s HP, Attack, and SP attack of 45 aren’t anything to get excited about, and neither is its Defence or Sp. Defence of 55.

Things don’t get better in its final evolution of Serperior, either, with the lowest HP out of all the starter’s final evolutions.

So, Snivy is goodAs I for Defence and Speed. If you’re super set on your Grass type Pokemon and want to fee like your Pokemon has just stepped out of Downton Abbey, then go right ahead and pick it!

3. Tepig


Finally, Tepig is the last choice in our best starter in Pokemon Black & White list.

But did we save the best till last?

Tepig has the best HP out of all the starter Pokemon with 65, coming in 20 above Snivy and 10 above Oshawott. It also has the best Attack stat too with 63.

The rest of its stats come in at 45, so it’s definitely one for those of you that like to go in all guns blazing, kicking tail and taking names!

And those stats keep getting better as we move through to Pignite and Embroar too, with Embroar ending up with a 100 stat in Sp. Attack, perfect for wielding Flamethrower and Burn Up.

And, Pignite and Embroar are dual Fire and Fighting type Pokemon too!

Who Is The Best Starter In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Tepig is the best starter in Pokemon Black & White

Tepig is the best starter in Pokemon Black & White because of its impressive HP and Attack stat in the initial stages, stats that remain incredibly strong through to its final evolution.

As I said above, this fiery little pig also has a great Sp Attack stat once it becomes Embroar too, meaning it’s perfect for firing of special moves to break your opponents.

That high HP is what makes Tepig the best choice, however. Because the first Gym in Black & White is basically tough no matter who you choose, you’re going to need a lot of HP to last against the onslaught.

Tepig’s Attack stat means that you’ll do a lot of damage with the simpler moves in its list too. And he’s a fun little dude too which gets him extra points.

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