Best Snake Pokemon To Add To Your Team

best snake pokemon

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In the Pokemon Universe, there are many Pokemon based on real-life animals. This is why Pokemon became so popular, whereas franchises like Digimon “failed” to do so.

Animals give us a sense of familiarity, so even though Pokemon are fictional creatures, we still find them cute just like the best cute Pokemon list we made not so long ago.

Who isn’t going to like a fluffy dog, even if it breathes flames?

However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the Pokemon universe; many Pokemon have been inspired by deadly animals, one of which is snake Pokemon!

These slithering, legless creatures don’t have the best reputation among humans, especially among little kids. We are terrified by a snake, and rightfully so. One single bite from these pesky creatures and our ancestors were dead.

But there are a lot of snake Pokemon out there that are just stunning, and anyone would like to have them on their team.

So we decided to shed some light on the best snake Pokemon of the year2 by creating a listicle; here are the results.

15. Huntail


Introduced in the third generation of Pokemon, Huntail has been a part of the snake Pokemon club for a while.

The Hoenn region is notorious for having a lot of water, making navigating the region hard, especially when Huntail and Wingull keep attacking you.

Huntail is one of the most aggressive predators in the Hoenn region; they use their fish-shaped tails to attract prey.

Though derpy-looking, Huntails have generally been popular amongst the Hoenn region trainers. They are an adamant Pokemon and can also dish out a lot of damage.

14. Onix 


Onix is probably one of the most intimidating Pokemon ever designed; it is a giant snake made up of rocks; I don’t ever want to be in the vicinity of this beast when it’s slithering around looking for delicious rocks; to munch on.

And if the sight of seeing a giant rock snake was not terrifying enough, get this, Onix can rotate its entire head 360 degrees!

Onix is a super popular Pokemon as it was a part of the original Pokemon anime. It was a close compatriot to the perverted Brock!

Onix is one of the strongest Pokemon in the Kanto region, so much so that minor earthquakes are triggered when they tunnel into the ground. The tunnels these beasts leave behind are inhabited by the Digletts of the Kanto Region. 

When an Onix hits a century, that is when it reaches the age of 100, it will evolve into a Steelix.

13. Seviper


This menacing-looking viper was first seen in the Hoenn region, terrorizing the local Pokemon population with its venomous fangs and tail.

A Seviper holds one of the strongest venomous known to man, and it can dispense this venom not just from its fangs but also from its tail, which looks like a giant meat cutting knife.

Seviper is a notorious Pokemon known to kill Zangoose and many Octillery’s wherever they are found.

Seviper is dubbed the ‘apex predator’ wherever it’s located, so it’s not surprising to see people hating this Pokemon and Team Rocket loving it. Jessie from Team Rocket had a Seviper, which made Seviper’s villainous image even more prevalent.

That being said, Seviper is a strong Pokemon and worthy of being on any Pokemon team.

12. Ekans


Ekans may not be the strongest snake on the list, but it is one of the most popular ones, thanks to its small stint on Team Rocket as Jessie’s go-to Pokemon whenever she felt like stealing Ash’s Pikachu.

Ekans never won a single battle against anyone in the anime but was derpy enough to be liked by fans and strong enough to be liked by Jessie.

By now, you might already know that ‘ekans’ is just an anadrome for the word ‘snake’

Ekans, like Seviper, can be found in grasslands, slithering away, trying to find Pidgey nests where the mother is not home, trying to steal some eggs. 

11. Sandaconda


Sandaconda is one of the weirdest looking snakes on this list; it has coiled its entire tail around its body to protect its head from harm. The Pokemon is a newcomer in the Pokeverse, introduced in the 8th generation of Pokemon games.

As the name suggests, Sandaconds take power from the sand by ingesting the sand in their body and coiling it around its head.

This makes its body extremely tough as it is filled with sand and gravel. It then sprays all this sand from its nostrils, which look like a double-barrel shotgun.

Sandaconda truly is one of the best Pokemon in Galar. Its Giagantamax form becomes even more powerful, and its body resembles a tornado.

10. Arbok


We enter our top ten with yet another beloved snake Pokemon, Arbok! Just like Ekans, Arbok is an anadrome of the word ‘cobra’ and was also used by Jessie in the anime as it evolved from Ekans.

While Ekans was a weak snake slithering in the grassland scavenging for food, Arbok is the top-tier predator which hunts down its prey!

Arbok uses its giant body size to intimidate its attackers and opponents; it also can go full-on Wolverine mode by regenerating its entire body if it is cut for some reason.

9. Zygarde (50% Form)


Zygarde is one of the weirdest Pokemons ever conceived; for starters, it is composed of these odd little Zygarde cells and Zygarade Cores.

When these Zygarde cores come together, the Pokemon starts to take form. Zygarde, 10% Forme, is a canine dog; at 50%, it’s a serpent, and at 100%, it’s similar to a giant mecha robot.

The 50% forme is a snake. Hence its inclusion on this list. In this 50% forme, Zygarde looks like a King Cobra with a giant head and other cells lining up behind the head, giving Zygarde 50% a menacing look.

Along with Yvetal and Xerneas, Zygarde forms the Aura Trio of the Kalos region.

8. Giratina


Giratina is the devil of the Pokemon universe; it was shunned into the distortion realm, Pokemon’s version of hell because he transgressed against the Pokemon God Arceus himself. Giratina rules the Distortion realm with an iron first and is extremely powerful.

It is a part of the creation trio of Sinnoh along with Dialga and Palkia.

Giratina looks like a giant centipede in its standard form, but when it reverses back to its original form, Giratina takes the shape of a snake-like creature. But don’t let this legless appearance fool you; Giratina can travel even faster in this form; it is the epitome of evil and moves around, shattering reality by creating holes in it.

It can even travel across dimensions with ease and become a shadow.

It visits cemeteries for some reason; some at Pokemon wanted to make Giratina the worst villain in the franchise.

7. Eternatus


The Galar region houses one of the most formidable Pokemon ever created, Eternatus. Even the name carries so much weight that any trainer will forfeit the match without a look at the Pokemon. It is a giant draconic Pokemon and has a long snake-like body.

These snakelike similarities become more prevalent when Eternatus Eternamaxes into Eternamax Eternatus. It becomes larger than before and looks like a snake. Eternatus is an alien Pokemon and hence has a very different genetic makeup than other Pokemon in Galar; even its design is very alien to Galar.

The power of eternatus is so immense that it leaks in the Galar region, causing the Dynamax phenomenon that transforms Pokemon into a giant version of themselves, granting them more power.

6. Dragonair


Dragonair is a serpentine Dragon that lives in lakes and oceans. It has a long slender body, unlike other snake-like Pokemon on this list; Dragonair doesn’t slither to get around; no, it just flies in the sky.

It has small wings on its head, which can grow to a massive size. Most of the time, it doesn’t need wings; it just levitates through space; people attribute its mystical energy to its levitation.

As you can tell by design, Dragonair is a very gentle Pokemon; it doesn’t attack humans and is said to have mystical properties in it. Whenever a Dragonair is seen, a magical aura surrounds it; many people who see Dragonair mistake it for God as its heavenly appearance is just soothing to the human eye.

Even though it is a gentle Pokemon, it is powerful; it can slay almost any Pokemon that comes in the way. It is a pseudo-legendary, after all.

5. Gyarados


We enter our top 5 with the God of destruction itself, Gyarados! This Pokemon is the Hulk of the Pokeverse; it never seems to chill out, always angry and searching for places to destroy.

Gyarados’s temper is so bad that if you enrage it once, it will go on a destructive rampage that won’t stop until everything it sees is destroyed. This has led to many villages and towns being crushed to rubble.

It’s one of the best water type Pokemon of the whole franchise.

Because of the mysterious nature of Gyarados, humans call it the god of destruction, and no one dares to enrage it. But why? Why is Gyarados so angry? 

Pokemon scientists believe that when a Magikarp evolves, its brain structures get altered so drastically that it loses all sense of what it was before and becomes very violent. Did you know that it can crush steel with its fangs? If I were steelix, I would always avoid this snake fish.

4. Serperior


Superior is one of the starters in the 5th generation of Pokemon. Even though it used to have prevalent legs and feet in its pre-evolved form, by the time it reaches the last Evo stage, it loses all its legs. Its hands become so small that they are useless, just like a T-rex.

Serperior believes it’s better than every other Pokemon, and that’s what its name implies. It is extremely strong and is rarely challenged by other Pokemon, so that explains its God Complex.

Even in the images created by Pokemon, serperior can be seen flaunting his rich green body; it even has a majestic collar!

If a Pokemon isn’t intimidated by its gaze, only then will Serperior attack it.

3. Milotic


The moment Miltoic was released, it became a fan favorite; I mean, just look at it; it’s the most divine-looking creature in the Pokevere, more divine than Dragonair. This elegant-looking Pokemon comes from a very weird-looking fish, a Feebas. A Feebas is the ugliest fish Pokemon in the game and extremely rare. But if leveled up, it can turn into this beauty, so it is worth catching.

Milotic holds power to calm down humans who have become enraged, so almost no human is angry in their presence. 

In the world of Pokemon, Milotic is the most popular centerpiece for new paintings; artists from around the world gather around a Milttoc to capture its beauty on a canvas.

Milotic is also a very strong water type, so much so that Cynthia, the greatest Pokemon Champion in history, used a Milotic. Anyone who has faced Cynthia will know how strong that Milotic was.

2. Steelix

Taking a single look at a Steelix will make you understand why many people in the Pokeverse never want to face this Pokemon in the wild. A Steelix is a giant Pokemon composed of steel or some metal that is said to be tougher than diamonds. After years of living under the constant pressure of the earth’s crust, it evolves into this monstrosity, which likes to dig even more profound than any Onix would go.

A steelix can go to the earth’s core and remain unfazed; that’s how strong it is. And if its strength and menacing look weren’t enough, this Pokemon also has the same problem a steelix had, and that’s a short temper.

When a Steelix Mega-Evolves, it becomes an almost undefeatable Pokemon; the HP shoots up so high that even Z moves won’t scratch its body.

1. Rayquaza


In the number one spot, we have the one and only space dragon inhabiting the outer atmosphere of earth, Rayquaza. It is a god-like Pokemon responsible for looking over the earth, maintaining a balance between land and water, and ensuring that Groudon and Kyogre never fight.

Rayquaza is probably the strongest Pokemon. When it mega evolves, it becomes invincible; even the God Arceus himself can’t defeat this beast when it mega evolves. 

Rayquaza is not only powerful but also boasts the best design in all of Pokemon. The green serpent-like body is iconic and unlike anything else in the Pokemon universe.

It is a Pokemon that has existed on Earth for millions of years, so no mortal can tame this beast unless they have a master ball.

And with Rayquaza, we end our list of the 15 best snake Pokemon of 2022; we hope you have enjoyed it and leave this webpage more qualified on Snake Pokemon.

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