3 Best PS2 HDMI Cables To Upgrade Your Retro Setup

Get ready to experience your PS2 games in a whole new light as we check out the best PS2 HDMI cables around!

No matter how fondly you remember your old consoles, the truth is that they just don’t look as good anymore. Unless you have a small screen like a Sony PVM, then old games feel stretched, jagged, and an eyesore on bigger TVs.

That’s where the best PS2 HDMI cables come in.

We’re talking zero eye ache and no more disillusioned sighs when you try to play Tomb Raider on your widescreen television. Play your games the way you remember, and enjoy some crisp, clear visuals with the smoothest lines in town.

Are you ready to supercharge your PS2?

1. Kaico PS2 HDMI Adapter

Best PS2 HDMI cables - Kaico adapter

First up in this list of the best PS2 HDMI cables is this Kaico PS2 HDMI adapter!

It’s not often that cables come with a 12-month warranty, but Kaico give their customers this cracking guarantee as standard. That’s what we call good service.

So many gamers have raved about thisadapter on Amazon, and for good reason too. It’s so easy to use and supports RGB and YPBPR resolutions from 240p to 576i. Just use the little button on the adapter to swap between the two!

This Kaico adapter works for all PS2 models, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re still rocking the ‘fat’ console or sporting the PS2 slim.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for PS1, so you’ll have to check out our best PS1 HDMI cables for some HD Spyro action!

2. Tengchi RCA To HDMI Converter

The Tengchi RCA to HDMI converter might be the cheapest of the bunch, but don’t let the affordable price fool you.

This cable provides the most cost effective way of playing the best PS2 games on your fancy TV, converting analogue signals into 1080p outputs.

So it doesn’t support 4K or 3D displays, but neither did the PS2. Why bother adding things that don’t need to be there, right?

And the good news is that this cable works in every region too, so you can pick it up no matter where you game!

3. Pound HDMI HD Link Cable

Best PS2 HDMI Cables - Pound HD Link

Last but not least on our list of the best PS2 HDMI Cables, we have the Pound HDMI HD Link cable, a nifty cable used by all your favourite YouTube gamers.

Pound are a huge name in the Retro Gaming world and crop up everywhere. Their cables are affordable and work like a dream, making them an all-round winner.

And, this PS2 HDMI cable also works on the PS1 aswell!

The Pound HD Link cable upscales the PS2’s original signal from 240p to 720p. It’s the perfect way to see your games in crisp HD on the big screen and works with all manner of television sets old and new.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see deeper colours and features that make games look smoother?

Plus, the micro-usb power cable supplied with the HD Link cable takes a little stress off your old PS2. It’s 21-years-old, for crying out loud; let it have a rest!

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