6 Best Items In Mario Strikers Battle League & How To Use Them Wisely

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If you’re looking to get the upper hand on the pitch, then check out the best items in Mario Strikers Battle League, ranked by the Retro Dodo team!

Yes, Mario Strikers is back with a vengeance, and the gameplay is more ruthless and fast paced than ever.

And if you played the original, one of the best GameCube games ever made, then you’ll get it when I say that skill alone isn’t going to cut it, and that there are zero rules to abide by.

I mean, when Bowser is spinning you into the electric fence at the side of the pitch, I guess a bob-omb going off doesn’t exactly scream ‘red card’, does it?

So, without further ado, let’s crack on with checking out the best items in Mario Strikers Battle League and get you off the bench and on the ball!

6. Banana Skin

best items in Mario Strikers Battle League - Banana skin

Yep; you’ll recognise all of the best items in Mario Strikers Battle League from the Mario Kart series. So, I guess it’s no surprise that we’re kicking this list off with the banana.

The scourge of racetracks all over the Mushroom Kingdom is now the bane of the soccer stadium. As a weapon, it’s good to throw into the opposing teams half ahead of the ball to hopefully scatter the ranks.

Still, it’s all too easy to fall on your own banana skin in the heat of a tackle or while dribbling around the opposition, so be careful where you chuck those things!

5. Green Shell

Green shells have their uses, but so often they end up flying back and hitting me when I’m trying to move forward towards the goal. Sure, you can aim them at an opponent, but then they move and you miss, and the darn things end up taking me out instead.

Ok, some of that could be down to my own ineptitude at dodging projectiles, but I’m more focused on trying score than staying alive!

Green shells are great if you’re looking to cause some pandemonium and spice things up a little, though maybe not necessary in a game that is literally on fire from start to finish.

4. Boost Mushroom

best items in Mario Strikers Battle League - boost mushroom

Next up in our list of the best items in Mario Strikers Battle League is the trusty boost mushroom.

As items go, this is one that has always been a little middle of the road (especially and literally in the case of Mario Kart), but a key item nonetheless.

Need a little boost past the defence? Want to try and outsmart your mate or get past that persistent attacker? The boost mushroom does exactly what it says on the tin; it gives players a limited boost to move faster past other characters or items that might be chasing them.

3. Red Shell

Yes, ‘chasing items’ definitely referred to the iconic Mario item we all know as the red shell. This homing missile never fails to meet its mark, and in Mario Strikers Battle League, it always takes out the opponent closes to you when you fire it off.

The red shell is great for clearing a path to the goal, giving you time to charge that A button and let the ball rip-roar into the back of the net.

And unlike the green shell, there’s no chance of it flying back and hitting you in the face. Result!

2. Bob-omb

The bob-omb almost topped this best items in Mario Strikers Battle League list, but it’s taken a respectable second place.

If you want maximum impact and to stun all of the opposition at once, then fire a bob-omb into the fray. Seriously, this explosion is so good and momentarily stuns the opposing players, giving you chance to pull off some tidy moves and get yourself ready for a Hyper Strike!

1. Invincibility Star

best items in Mario Strikers Battle League - invincibility star

The results are in, and the best item in Mario Strikers Battle League is the invincibility star. I mean, the clue is in the title, if you think about it!

In a game where everyone is out for blood, being invincible for a limited period of time certainly makes things easier.

Avoid tackles from foes and items as you plough forward towards the goal. If you don’t mess up a Hyper Strike, then you could be in for winning your team 2 points!

How To Get Items In Mario Strikers: Battle League

Items appear on the pitch for players to collect. If you’ve ever played Mario Kart, then you’ll recognise the ‘?’ symbol as being a beacon of hope for players in last place.

Item blocks come in the usual multicoloured hue but also in specific team colours. These coloured blocks are thrown by members of the crowd whenever someone is tackled without the ball.

A red player can’t get a blue box or visa versa, so head to your own colour or a generic block and get pumping those items.

Remember; you can only carry two at a time, so don’t bother storing them up.

Let ’em rip, folks!

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